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While the Arctic in 2014 continued its long-term warming, much of the rest of the world was struck by wacky and extreme weather, and studies are underway to determine whether the trends are related, said scientists who released an annual report on the Arctic on Wednesday. Yereth Rosen
U.S. Fish and Wildlife officials made an unusual discovery hidden away inside luggage bound for China as it passed through Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport -- more than 200 live baby turtles.Sean Doogan
It's mid-December and the coldest temperature Mother Nature has delivered to Anchorage so far this winter is 13 degrees.  And the lowest daytime high is 24 degrees -- scorching by Alaska standards. Brian Brettschneider
The Alaska Aerospace Corp. said Friday it hopes to drum up new business for the state-owned rocket range in Kodiak and has started negotiations on a $21 million incentive plan with Lockheed Martin. Dermot Cole
The Sikuliaq, a state-of-the-art oceanographic research vessel operated by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is designed to work in Alaska waters, with limited ice-breaking capacity and a futuristic prop design that lets it maneuver in icy conditions. It hasn't arrived in its home state yet, but the director of UAF's Marine Center will give a "virtual" tour in Anchorage next week.Mike Dunham
Beaufort Sea bears with alopecia syndrome were in generally poorer shape than other polar bears, leading to a question: Did stress cause the hair loss, or did the loss of hair -- part of polar bears’ protection against the cold -- cause the stress that resulted in deteriorated body condition? Yereth Rosen
A new road running about 200 miles to Northwest Alaska’s Ambler Mining District will displace only a small amount of high-quality winter habitat used by the region’s huge caribou herd, a study by biologists from the Wilderness Society, the U.S. Geological Survey and the National Park Service has found.Yereth Rosen
When NASA's new state-of-the-art space capsule returns from its first orbit of the Earth, scheduled for Thursday, a Navy ship carrying the name of Alaska's largest city will be there to pluck it out of the ocean.Associated Press
Federal officials on Tuesday proposed designating an area more than twice the size of California as critical habitat to protect ringed seals, animals dependent on dwindling Arctic sea ice and snow for their survival. Yereth Rosen
There is evidence that the historic diet based on foods like muktuk and seal and walrus meat has been imprinted on the genes of Inupiat, Yupik and other northern peoples, with health effects that are potentially dangerous for babies and young children but potentially helpful for adults. Yereth Rosen