A newly analyzed object from the University of Colorado-led Cape Espenberg dig is providing more evidence of prehistoric trade or contacts between the residents of Northwest Alaska and their neighbors across the Bering Strait.Yereth Rosen
Formerly the Kodiak Launch Complex, the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska is looking to broaden its customer base and put a failed rocket launch in August of last year behind it.Roni Toldanes | Kodiak Daily Mirror
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration Monday proposed a reclassification of humpback whales into 14 populations -- 10 of which would no longer warrant protection under the Endangered Species Act.Alaska Dispatch News
This group of a half-dozen were not on the trip to make measurements or otherwise perform science. They wanted to see, smell and slide across new country, about 200 miles that included two hot springs with tubs at Serpentine and Pilgrim.Ned Rozell
Permafrost in the circumpolar north will likely continue to thaw and release carbon dioxide and methane, but at a gradual rate instead of as a "carbon bomb," said a study published recently in the journal Nature. Yereth Rosen
An Alaska Volcano Observatory webcam picked up what appeared to be a large brown bear inspecting some monitoring equipment on Thursday.Alaska Dispatch News
A study of the migration of rare western Pacific gray whales has led U.S. and Russian scientists to question whether they're a separate population or simply California gray whales that have expanded their feeding grounds.Dan Joling | Associated Press
The determination by the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management means the agency has 30 days before it must render a verdict on the plan, either approving or rejecting it, or requiring Shell to make changes.Yereth Rosen
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will consider making the yellow cedar the first Alaska tree to be granted Endangered Species Act protections. The conifer is afflicted by a long-term die-off linked to climate change. Yereth Rosen
Following a record-low winter sea ice extent announced in February, the month of March also saw the lowest levels of sea ice since satellite records began nearly four decades ago.Yereth Rosen