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Scientists have new information about the level of detail in the songs that bowhead whales sing to one another when they are migrating into the Beaufort Sea in the spring.Yereth Rosen
In an “unusual if not unprecedented” night of activity, scientists successfully launched four rockets into the upper atmosphere from the University of Alaska’s Poker Flat Research Range Sunday night.Michelle Theriault Boots
Some fishermen in the Togiak area will see changes to vessel transit regulations next season. A Jan. 5 amendment released by the National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration changes restrictions on travel through specific areas of the Walrus Islands State Game Sanctuary and the Togiak National Wildlife Refuge.John Messick
A new approach to measuring methane leaks revealed that the Boston area alone lost enough natural gas during one year to fuel 200,000 homes.Pete Spotts
Altogether, the 1946 tsunami killed 159 people in Hawaii, drowned a swimmer in Santa Cruz, banged up fishing boats in Chile and wrecked a hut on Antarctica. The curve of the Aleutians protected much of Alaska, but the five at Scotch Cap had no chance.Ned Rozell
A chart of the marine areas in western Alaska and adjacent parts of Russia has been confirmed as an item used by Robert Bartlett, captain of the Karluk, a ship that was the center of a 1914 wreck off the Siberian coast.Yereth Rosen
As the U.S. approaches its chairmanship of th Arctic Council and far-north climate warming continues at twice the global rate, President Obama issued an executive order Wednesday addressing federal Arctic policy. But Sen. Lisa Murkowski expressed doubts about the order's effectiveness.Yereth Rosen
For some peoples of the far north, whose traditional diets didn't include sugar-laden foods, an intolerance to a specific type of sugar can produce uncomfortable and even dangerous symptoms in everyone from infants to adults. Now, scientists have pinpointed the gene responsible.Yereth Rosen
Fairbanks and McGrath had their warmest Decembers on record, and Anchorage posted the second-warmest December in the city’s 101 years of recorded weather, the report said.Yereth Rosen
In just the past 15 to 45 years, polar bears populations have been relocating from ice-sparse parts of the Arctic to the Canadian Archipelago, an area with more dependable summer and fall sea ice.Yereth Rosen