Special Report: Blogging from Iraq

The 21st century has brought new concepts to the battlefield, but none likely have as much impact on everyday soldiers as the potential for a constant connection to the the world via the Internet.

Tom Hewitt
Iraqis may be eager to put the walls behind them, but in the interest of their well-being, it looks like they'll have to put up with them for at least a little while longer. Tom Hewitt
The police lieutenant's description of a recent arrest jogged the Fort Wainwright soldier's memory. "Last October, we stopped that same guy with his big pole in the water," Capt. Tim Walton recalled. Brian O'Donoghue
Once known as a "black-out" base, Forward Operating Base Warhorse now sports an outdoor basketball court illuminated by tall spotlights all night long. Brian O'Donoghue
"Do you know anything about football?" asks Sgt. Jeremy Pitcher. "Because if you do, you're not allowed in the league."Tom Hewitt
Alaska soldiers finishing their second tour in Iraq eye the calendar nervously.Brian O'Donoghue
I was sitting in the coffee shop when I noticed people running by outside. Then I heard the alarm, "Incoming...Incoming..." and realized that it had been going on for several seconds. Tom Hewitt
When we arrived in Iraq almost two weeks ago, I was excited to find little cartons of soymilk. Every kind of food you could ever want has been available. The possibilities once seemed endless. I had hoped it would never end.Jennifer Canfield
Sitting below hundreds of dead soldier's names and controlling the sun in an insect's world, I thought about how this conversation would never take place back home.Jennifer Canfield
A loud pop punctuated the evening. The jittery reporter nearly dove under a U-shaped concrete bunker, but he noticed soldiers sharing the same path hadn't missed a step.Brian O’Donoghue