Pair of rookies, established stars expected to challenge for the crown. 

Matt Tunseth
Each year, hundreds of runners apply for the Mount Marathon lottery. The lucky ones rejoice, the unlucky ones endure.Doyle Woody
The seminar began after the deadly 2012 event raised questions about race safety. Matt Tunseth
The grind up Mount Marathon and the harrowing descent that follows in the annual Independence Day race on the 3,022-foot peak overlooking Seward is fraught with pitfalls.Alaska Dispatch News
Here are the race times for Saturday's Mount Marathon mountain race in Seward.Alaska Dispatch News
The Pilots' victory, coupled with Monday's 3-2 win over the Anchorage Bucs, earned them the hardware in the annual Mayor's Cup and rendered moot Wednesday's finale in the best-of-3 Cup.Alaska Dispatch News
As a warmup to the 2,745-mile race, Lael Wilcox rode her bike from Anchorage to the start line in Banff, Alberta.Beth Bragg
The Anchorage-based team rolled to a 5-0 record and qualified for the national championships later this year in Arizona.Alaska Dispatch News
The three-games series began Monday with Dan Sullivan as mayor but will end Wednesday with Ethan Berkowitz as mayor.Alaska Dispatch News
Players can attend a July 8 event in Chugiak or a July 9 event in Fairbanks.Alaska Dispatch News