Syndicate Fish Wars

The treaty organization governing rules for fishing Alaska's prized flatfish could find itself wading knee-deep into a marquee natural resource battle.Craig Medred
Sen. Lisa Murkowski last week issued a statement warning of the "great consequences" of illegal fishing. Her former fisheries aide, Arne Fuglvog, was convicted earlier this year of fish piracy, himself.Craig Medred
Alaska's charter halibut limits likely to remain much as they've been, with potential for slight improvement in Southeast, based on recommendations from the North Pacific Fishery Management Council.Craig Medred
Southeast halibut charters, struggling to stay in business, want the Feds to consider closing down and limiting catches the old fashioned way.Craig Medred
The International Pacific Halibut Commission has listened to the experts who suggest conservation. Now the organization must balance biological concerns against social and economic interests.Craig Medred
The halibut fishery of the North Pacific, long touted as a national model is currently in such dire straits that regulators floating harvest cuts unseen since Alaska's territorial days.Craig Medred
An Alaska Outdoor Council executive says a ban on commercial halibut fishing within Alaska's three-mile territorial limit on marine waters would finally "make the state step up to the plate."Craig Medred
A committee formed to cut back halibut charter-boat catches without destroying businesses struggles with a list of not very good options.Craig Medred
Charter-boat skippers and lodge owners who cater to Alaska halibut sportfishermen gain access to the federal decision-making process on the state's prized fishery.Craig Medred
Alaska halibut anglers caught 17 percent fewer than expected last year, continuing a downward trend dating back to 2008. The biggest drop-off came among unguided anglers.Craig Medred