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Syndicate Fish Wars

As a Soldotna angler won the Homer Jackpot Halibut Derby on Friday, the victory marked the end of an era in the 26-year-old tournament. No longer will the focus be on catching monster fish able to compete for the top prize.Mike Campbell
A plan to share the pain of conservation between Alaska halibut charter and commercial fleets has been suspended by the Feds, surprising many fishermen.Craig Medred
If Southcentral Alaska anglers using halibut charters absorb an expected cut, the commercial waste may soon exceed their catch. Craig Medred
Who needs a study, argues a Homer councilman and commercial fisherman who got widespread community support for his troubles with the Feds years ago.  Craig Medred
The Homer City Council on Monday turned down a request that the city ask federal regulators, on behalf of halibut charter skippers, to delay implementing new catch-sharing regulations pending an economic study.Craig Medred
Rachel Baker of NOAA discusses the proposed Halibut Share Catch Plan at the Juneau Chamber of Commerce meeting on September 15, 2011.
Roland Maw runs perhaps the only kind of halibut charter business that won't be hurt by the proposed new halibut share plan, a plan he said "we" developed and described as "fair."Craig Medred
A handful of state legislators have said they will look at the proposed federal rule that could further limit the number of fish that anglers on Southcentral Alaska halibut charters can bring in. But will it be too little, too late?Craig Medred
Halibut charter and lodge owners in the Alaska Panhandle have a little career advice for Cook Inlet fishermen: If the 2012 catch is cut to one fish, start looking for a new job.Craig Medred
Commercial fishermen with significant ties to fish processing corporations and the governor's administration exercise lopsided influence over the regulation of Alaska's fisheries, at the expense of small fishing businesses and charters.Craig Medred