Ted Stevens (1923-2010)

Ted Stevens, who was aboard a plane that crashed Monday night, has been called the most influential Alaskan in state history. Here's Uncle Ted's story, as told by Don Mitchell.Donald Craig Mitchell
The float plane carrying a pilot and eight passengers in search of silver salmon, including former Sen. Ted Stevens, apparently crashed about 15 minutes after takeoff from a fishing lodge near Dillingham, witnesses told federal accident investigators Tuesday.Craig Medred
Watch Ted Stevens give his fairwell speech on the Senate floor in 2008.Craig Medred
Bill Allen, once a prominent oil executive who owned VECO Corp., ran state government through campaign contributions and gifts, not only to Ted Stevens, but Don Young and former governors Frank Murkowski and Tony Knowles, and even Sarah Palin. Tony Hopfinger
Wally Hickel speaks on Palin: "I made her governor," Hickel told me, "but when she did that deal with the Canadians, I wrote her a letter and I told her, '˜I'm never going to support you again.' Now we've got to replace her.'" Tony Hopfinger