The Concerned

With Alaska's road to renewed vigor in its oil pipeline looking more like a path to ruin, We The Concerned again turn to Santa Claus for help.

Scott Woodham,Alex DeMarban
Certain lawmakers will deserve bonuses if the Alaska Legislature passes Gov. Sean Parnell's multibillion-dollar oil tax cut. Here are some ideas of how to compensate those oil employee-lawmakers.Scott Woodham
Ultimately, it doesn't matter what humans decide to do with their adorable little clocks, does it? You're gonna do what you're gonna do.Scott Woodham
Public media is hyper-vigilant about being non-partisan and providing real value. That's why Americans consistently name it the most valued source of programming on the airwaves.Scott Woodham
The Concerned: After Alaska Senators finish looking into possible gas gouging in the state (again), they should turn their attention to other possible exploiters.Scott Woodham
Alaska is doubly addicted to oil. All of its economic machinery runs on petroleum, and more than 80 percent of its state budgets are paid for by revenue derived directly from oil.Scott Woodham
History seems to be on the side of people opposed to a ballot initiative that proposes to reinstate Alaska's federal coastal management program.Scott Woodham
Furie, formerly known as Escopeta Oil Co., was fined $15 million over Jones Act violations when shipping to Alaska a jack-up rig to drill for oil and gas in Cook Inlet. Since the state enticed the company with millions of dollars, shouldn't it also help cover the fine?Scott Woodham
Now that it's known the U.S. Justice Department botched its case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens, should Alaska sue the Feds for damages -- all that federal money Uncle Ted might have brought home had he not lost his re-election due to prosecutorial misconduct?Scott Woodham
Even as Joe Miller denies his role in Alaska's Republican regime change, he's spending tens of thousands to back up leftover denials from his failed Senate campaign. Where does it end?Scott Woodham