The Concerned

Dropping to No. 2 as a trade partner might not be such a bad thing for Japan. Contrary to popular opinion, Alaska can be a little cautious, coy even, when it comes to selling natural gas. Scott Woodham
The Concerned worry that Pebble Fund grant money isn't making it to the people who need it most: opponents of the proposed mine.Scott Woodham
Imagine massive, carnivorous, scavenging birds hanging around, as numerous as pigeons on the National Mall. The Concerned worry Unalaska will be bankrupt if it has to keep paying exorbitant permit fees to address its eagle problem.Scott Woodham
We're concerned some legislators may be thinking the death penalty would make a good campaign issue. It won't. Not even if your race gets desperate.Scott Woodham
We The Concerned are beginning to worry about conflicts between bears and humans who don't seem to know better.Scott Woodham
We The Concerned have a hard time digesting the mismanagement of Anchorage's election this week. Above all else, the city should be able to offer its citizens a fair election.Scott Woodham
The Concerned are worried that naming such a small piece of blacktop after Walter J. Hickel will anger the "little guy" who was never angry while he lived.Scott Woodham
Community leaders in the Fairbanks are freaked out because they think they can read a whole bunch of writing on the wall. Might these new proposed cuts be a prelude to shutting down Eielson during the next round of the BRAC commission evaluations?Scott Woodham
The Concerned are concerned that Japan's thirst for natural gas won't be able to be sated due to Alaska's political intransigence. Scott Woodham
The Concerned worries PETA has no idea its annual campaign of misinformation has actually been making the Iditarod stronger.Scott Woodham