"Plane" and simple: Airline competition drives prices down to the West Coast.

Scott McMurren
Smaller air carriers offer vital service to the "last mile" for rural Alaska residents.Scott McMurren
There's no shortage of fun activities in Fairbanks for dog-mushing fans.Scott McMurren
Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to when travel deals appear -- but here's a handful! Scott McMurren
If you’re in Juneau on state business or to visit with Alaska lawmakers, be sure to block out time to see the sights and enjoy some of the community’s gracious hospitality.Scott McMurren
Take advantage of airfare sales to the Pacific Northwest or drive to convenient getaways closer to home. Scott McMurren
Delta and JetBlue add more flights and drop rates as Alaska Airlines defends its turf.Scott McMurren
OPINION: With a little imagination and the right attitude, Alaskans can pretend it's spring even in early March. The Bird-to-Gird trail is virtually ice- and snow-free, and a Homer beach walk can be inviting this time of year.Alli Harvey
COMMENT: A recent long weekend with few options for skiing or snowshoeing in Anchorage prompted us to make the three-hour drive south to see for ourselves how the community on Resurrection Bay is making lemonade from this lemony Alaska winter.Erin Kirkland
Alaska activities support about 113,000 jobs and over $6.1 billion in earnings in the Puget Sound region, according to a new report by the McDowell Group. Yereth Rosen