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With new flights, Delta will link Alaska's top five destinations with daily flights to its Seattle hub.

Scott McMurren
Enjoy deep discounts on airfares between the twin peaks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.Scott McMurren
Whether you want to fly around the world next week or save a bundle this summer, there's a new crop of airfare deals for you. Scott McMurren
From Ketchikan to Fairbanks, you'll never go hungry!Scott McMurren
There's a growing interest in “cultural tourism” around the world -- and that includes learning more about the history and lifestyle of Alaska’s native people. Scott McMurren
Airfares from Anchorage to Salt Lake, Houston hit new lows, but you'll need to act fast to take advantage of that. Scott McMurren
Most of the long-haul nonstops are gone for the winter, but there still are some choice routes from which to choose.Scott McMurren
They don't endure winter in Fairbanks. They celebrate it.Scott McMurren
At least 62 animals died, were injured or lost since 2010 while being flown aboard Alaska Airlines, a tally that makes the company one of the nation’s leading carriers in recent years for reported pet casualties. Only Delta, the nation’s busiest airline, with six times Alaska’s passenger traffic, reported more incidents. Kyung M. Song | Seattle Times
Recently announced changes to the policy regarding unaccompanied minors on the Alaska Marine Highway System have been put on hold after "numerous Alaskans" expressed concerns about upcoming holiday travel. Megan Edge