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It's always a surprise as the days get shorter. Get ready for some fireworks during the seasonal shift change. 

Scott McMurren
First settled by the Greeks in the seventh century B.C., Sicily has been conquered by the Carthaginians (Phoenicians), the Romans, the Arabs, the Spanish and the Normans. And parts of each culture shine through today. Scott McMurren
In peak travel season, many of the most popular creature comforts cost extra. Get used to it.Scott McMurren
Low fares from Alaska to the Lower 48 have largely dried up during the heat of summer. But they should be back by August or September for travel to California, New York and Seattle.Scott McMurren
Dozens of classic Volvos -- most of them museum pieces -- pulled into Fairbanks Sunday after spending more than five weeks on the road starting in Panama.Dermot Cole
Deep in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park, one lodge treads lightly to give travelers an unrivaled view of the majestic glaciers, mountains and wildlife.Scott McMurren
Closed since 2012, the Susitna Valley lodge is expected to reopen next month with new owners, a new well and a year-round business model focused on attracting snowmachiners.Sean Doogan
The Valley of 10,000 Smokes in Katmai National Park has several selling points for the outdoors travel without a fat wallet. It's reasonably cheap, especially if you have some airline mileage. It's much different than anything you'll see in Southcentral Alaska and the hike doesn't require technical skills.Nathaniel Herz
The first hurricane in 22 years is set to make landfall on Hawaii. Is the Aloha State experiencing more severe weather than in the past?Max Schindler
Promising an “epic journey” across the Arctic, cruise line Crystal Cruises says its Crystal Serenity will be the largest luxury cruise ship that has ever embarked on the passage. The voyage, which comes with a five-figure price tag, highlights the allure -- and the risks -- of travel at the top of the world.Laurel Andrews