Simple suggestions from frequent travelers to help you be prepared.

Scott McMurren
Industry consolidation means travelers will likely see scaled back travel incentivesScott McMurren
Mileage plans and credit cards give travelers more options to pay for expensive tickets.Scott McMurren
Take extra steps for a smooth flight this holiday season.Scott McMurren
In the Lower 48, Amtrak is more of a leisurely ride than a handy tool for business. The rest of the world has taken a different tack: embracing rail travel as the first option for getting around the countryside. Scott McMurren
You may have to fly to (or from) a different airport to get the best deal.Scott McMurren
Since 1997, hotel developers from the Lower 48 have, in effect, colonized a half-mile stretch of C Street from just north of Tudor Road to International Airport Road. Two more hotels are under construction.Jeannette Lee Falsey
On the Dalton Highway, most conversations concern the Dalton Highway. Although there aren’t many people on the road, they inevitably talk about the road. Alan Feuer | The New York Times

Despite vast improvements in safety equipment, Anchorage driving instructor Leslie Hysom says winter driving techniques haven’t changed much over the years. We showed her a 1957 public service video and asked her to rate how well the techniques drivers learned decades ago hold up today. 

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Airfare sales come and go, but competition keeps rates at historic lows.Scott McMurren