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Getting ready for his midnight marathon on Christmas Eve, Santa takes a moment to evaluate one traveler's wish list.

Scott McMurren
Everybody has their favorites in Seattle. But don't forget the essentials.Scott McMurren
Airlines are offering up some good news and some not-so-good news for travelers this week.Scott McMurren
As the tryptophan kicks in following a Thanksgiving feast, it dawns on you: It's the holiday travel season. Here are a few simple strategies to make for a more enjoyable journey this season.Scott McMurren
With new flights, Delta will link Alaska's top five destinations with daily flights to its Seattle hub.Scott McMurren
Enjoy deep discounts on airfares between the twin peaks of Thanksgiving and Christmas.Scott McMurren
Whether you want to fly around the world next week or save a bundle this summer, there's a new crop of airfare deals for you. Scott McMurren
From Ketchikan to Fairbanks, you'll never go hungry!Scott McMurren

The annual Talkeetna bachelor party raised over $20,000 for charity this year and "is by far the best party you'll ever go to."

Tara Young
Alyeska Resort will open a few ski and snowboard trails on the upper mountain for three days starting Friday before shutting down again to make more snow. Lift tickets will be discounted.Megan Edge