It's rare for an airline to offer discounted first-class seats in the peak summer season. But this is war.

Scott McMurren
Digging deep for airfare savings yields the lowest prices from Alaska to Lower 48 we've seen in a long time. Scott McMurren
JetBlue and Alaska announce new flights, and Delta boosts frequent-flier benefits.Scott McMurren
If you have two weeks to plan, you can fly cheap, especially to the West Coast.Scott McMurren
Today's smart traveler can ensure the next layover is time well wasted. Scott McMurren
Twenty-two Alaska Airlines flights -- including seven to or from Alaska -- were delayed Thursday night after the airline experienced an Internet connectivity issue.Megan Edge
The airline's new "Beyond" campaign features Seattle chef Tom Douglas and personal tablets for TV shows and movies.Scott McMurren
It must be summer in Alaska; the 135-mile Denali Highway is open to the public for the season. Megan Edge
If you’re up for an adventure this summer, there are plenty of places around the state that offer a great experience -- whether you travel by boat, by car or by air.Scott McMurren
When the first gray whale breached, it caught many of us off guard. My 10-year-old pointed toward the stern, mouth hanging open, as again and again the gray whale presented us with an impressive display of marine mammal athleticism. The atmosphere was electric after that. Erin Kirkland