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If you’re in Juneau on state business or to visit with Alaska lawmakers, be sure to block out time to see the sights and enjoy some of the community’s gracious hospitality.

Scott McMurren
Take advantage of airfare sales to the Pacific Northwest or drive to convenient getaways closer to home. Scott McMurren
Delta and JetBlue add more flights and drop rates as Alaska Airlines defends its turf.Scott McMurren
Portland is JetBlue's third summertime flight, in addition to Seattle and Long Beach.Scott McMurren
Learn to make the most of a long layover, whether in Seattle, New York or Barcelona.Scott McMurren
For a group of Aussies, battling waves, rocks and sizeable tuna, sharks and cobia in New South Wales makes fishing a little more extreme. Tara Young

Fairbanks, known as Alaska's “Golden Heart City,” is on display in this music video promoting the city and featuring a popular local band.

Alaska Dispatch News shows big travel savings with hidden city ticketing. United and Orbitz sue, saying it's against the rules. Scott McMurren
Weekly flights from Changsha, China, now pass through Anchorage on the way to Los Angeles. Soon, Alaskans may be able to board the flights for nonstop service to China and LAX.Scott McMurren
Will you embark on a spiritual journey next year? A special quest? Plan now for the year ahead. Scott McMurren