Two Alaska Airlines flights in Juneau were delayed when a pilot found a single bullet in a jetway at the airport.Jerzy Shedlock
I’ve heard Nevada described as “Poor Man’s Alaska," which on one hand draws a good connection between the two places but on the other hand sells Nevada short. That’s OK by me. I don’t want people to find out about how awesome Nevada is.Alli Harvey

In this episode of Indie Alaska, winter weather won't stop Ellie Mitchell from hitting the road (or the trail) on her fat bike. She picked up cycling from her dad, and now she regularly competes against him and other cyclists in the Anchorage winter racing circuit.  

Alaska Public Media
On Thursday, Ravn Alaska pilot Eric Greener and Alaska Airlines flight attendant Brandy Hollenbeck recounted the midair proposal and the story of how they met, which involves a chance meeting with the pilot’s mother and a double cheeseburger.Laurel Andrews
New Orleans is tempting: the food, the jazz, the history and the legendary party atmosphere.Scott McMurren
Princess Cruises will transfer the 672-passenger Pacific Princess, the smallest ship in its Alaska fleet, to Europe after the 2015 cruise season, leaving six vessels plying the state's waters.Megan Edge
OPINION: With a little imagination and the right attitude, Alaskans can pretend it's spring even in early March. The Bird-to-Gird trail is virtually ice- and snow-free, and a Homer beach walk can be inviting this time of year.Alli Harvey
"Plane" and simple: Airline competition drives prices down to the West Coast.Scott McMurren
Smaller air carriers offer vital service to the "last mile" for rural Alaska residents.Scott McMurren
There's no shortage of fun activities in Fairbanks for dog-mushing fans.Scott McMurren