Alaskans remember William Seward as the secretary of state who bought Alaska for $7.2 million, but acquiring Russian claims to America's Northwest was only one of his many important achievements.Mike Dunham
Climate change and a presidential visit turns attention to Arctic travel.Scott McMurren
Both Delta and Alaska came out with impressive PFD airfare sales last month. But something wonderful is happening: More cities now are on sale, and the fares keep dropping. Scott McMurren
This is a good year to buy airline tickets with your Permanent Fund dividend. Delta and Alaska Airlines are offering excellent fares from Anchorage, Juneau and Fairbanks to the Lower 48.Scott McMurren
Alaska hasn't looked back since while growing exponentially to become a major player in the islands' tourism industry.Dave Segal
The PFD promotional fares ease the cost of travel, while extras at the airport help make for a pleasant journey.Scott McMurren
Here are a few tips our family discovered on our first Denali National Park autumn road adventure that made the weekend go a little more smoothly. Erin Kirkland
Whether it's a few hours or an extra day, leave some room in your schedule for an Alaska adventure.Scott McMurren

Tourism has proven a huge boon to Skagway in recent years, but the Southeast Alaska town will soon have to decide on its future with one of its biggest tourism players.

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From Denali to Juneau, there are plenty of fabulous glaciers for hikers, climbers, boaters and sightseersScott McMurren