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Paralytic shellfish poisoning, typically reported to affect humans, has been identified as the cause of death for multiple Kittlitz's murrelet chicks that died on Kodiak Island.

Megan Edge
After four years of research, Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials say a new study shows the unique lifestyle of Malaspina Glacier brown bears in Southeast Alaska is being affected by climate change. Megan Edge
Caribou have been invading islands with the help of humans for decades, but now, as one community of caribou on Adak flourishes, U.S. Fish and Wildlife fears they'll move to other islands. Megan Edge
Area biologist Jim Dau, who has been studying the Western Arctic Caribou Herd for more than a quarter-century, said the number of caribou at Onion Portage recently was the lowest he’s ever seen.Jillian Rogers
Three Galena black bears, orphaned when their mother was shot in September, are being cared for in Anchorage, although their future is still uncertain. Megan Edge
Yellow-billed loons, migratory birds that nest on large lakes dotting Alaska’s North Slope, do not need Endangered Species Act protections, federal regulators said on Wednesday. Yereth Rosen
While remodeling their home, the homeowners moved a freezer onto their front porch. A bear got into the unlocked freezer, which was full of food, so they secured mesh across the porch entrance. But the bear returned for more. Tegan Hanlon
Troopers in Wasilla on Tuesday killed a bear that had been wounded by man after it attempted to enter his home. Tegan Hanlon
A warming planet means less ice coverage in the Arctic, leaving polar bears with less time and less ice for hunting seals. They depend on seals for their survival. But the polar bears of Canada's Hudson Bay have discovered a new menu option.James Gorman
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a decision by the end of next year on whether to give Endangered Species Act protections to wolves dwelling in the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska under a legal settlement filed in federal court on Monday. Yereth Rosen