A recent study has identified hot spots along the Aleutian Islands where the potential is high for large numbers of seabirds to be harmed by shipping-related oil pollution.

Carey Restino
The Alaska Zoo said orphaned brown bear cubs rescued earlier this month will be on public view at the South Anchorage facility for the first time Friday.Megan Edge
An Alaska Wildlife Trooper shot and killed a charging bear that had been roaming an estuary and campground near the Starrigavan River outside Sitka for about a month.Associated Press
An Eagle River man shot and killed a “large male black bear” that he said was threatening him and his dog at his home Saturday afternoon, according to Anchorage police.Devin Kelly
The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration is asking for public input on a new plan the agency hopes could eventually get the Cook Inlet beluga population off the endangered species list.Megan Edge
The wasting disease that has killed millions of West Coast sea stars has now shown up in Kachemak Bay. UAF researchers say this is the first discovery of multiple sickened stars this far north. Yereth Rosen
Police in Massachusetts have some sage advice: Don't go chasing after bears while drunk and armed with nothing more than a dull hatchet.Associated Press
The 100 wood bison released into the wild last month have quickly adjusted to life in Western Alaska, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said Tuesday. They're giving birth, eating and establishing their herd just as a group of bison should. Megan Edge
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game said it cost $9,400 to relocate a family of five black bears from Anchorage, although that figure only includes part of the expenses.Suzanna Caldwell
Over Memorial Day weekend last year, thousands watched nervously as the Funny River Fire burned its way through the Kenai Peninsula. Though the human impacts were ultimately minimal, emergency responders say they learned plenty of lessons about modern-day disaster response.Megan Edge