The family of five black bears captured and relocated after they foraged through garbage cans in Anchorage's Government Hill neighborhood briefly appeared Tuesday in Hope.

Tegan Hanlon
Biologists monitoring the new Innoko River wood bison herd got a pleasant surprise last month during an aerial survey of the animals: a bison calf, the first born in the wild in at least 100 years.Suzanna Caldwell
A black bear and four cubs that roamed Anchorage’s Government Hill neighborhood were moved to an undisclosed remote location Friday morning, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said. Researchers will track the bears' movements as they adjust to life in the wild.Laurel Andrews
The last cub from the Government Hill black bear family targeted for relocation was captured by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Thursday morning.Megan Edge
Biologists have now captured four of the five black bears roaming Anchorage's Government Hill neighborhood, including the mother. One cub remains at large.Michelle Theriault Boots
One of the cubs from a family of five black bears roaming Government Hill was captured by the Alaska Department of Fish and Game Monday afternoon on Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson. Megan Edge
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game has released an online map detailing the lives of nine bears living near and in Anchorage, from Turnagain Arm to Fire Island.Megan Edge

If there was any question about whether spring has actually arrived in Southcentral Alaska, the calls of sandhill cranes should serve to remove any doubt.

Loren Holmes
After a neighborhood cleanup in Government Hill, the black bears have left, at least for now, a spokesman for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game said. Megan Edge
Big four-day festivals in Cordova and Homer are timed to catch millions of birds pausing during their flights north to refuel before heading to their breeding grounds in western Alaska. Mike Campbell