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A Katmai sow grizzly bear adopted a yearling after the yearling's mother abandoned it in a tree by Brooks Falls. Now the sow, the sow's cub and the yearling are fishing together and expected to hibernate this winter as a family.

Megan Edge
After peeling off his waders, the Alaska biologist discovered a puncture near his Achilles and a long chunk of flesh ripped open on his leg where the bear's tooth had caught him near the calf and then dragged through flesh toward his ankle.Craig Medred
A medical examination has concluded that the female humpback whale found dead off the shores of Kodiak in July was killed by a ship strike, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Tegan Hanlon
In an average 10-year lifespan, most Alaska marmots are awake for far less than half of it. By late September, they head into a den with a single entrance, pull in a grass plug to keep in the heat, and enter into a true dormant state. John Schandelmeier
State officials contend that manipulating prey numbers boosts long-term ecosystem management. If such manipulation can be done through changes in normal hunting seasons and harvest methods -- rather than through predator control -- all the better. Craig Medred
A survey conducted earlier this summer in the DeLong and Schwatka mountains by federal Park Service and state Fish and Game officials observed 102 sheep; just one was a full-curl ram and only two were lambs.Jillian Rogers
The attack comes amid a summer of similar threats to dogs -- and people -- in and around Nome, some of which have left dogs dead and resulted in musk ox shot “in defense of life or property.” (With video) Matthew F. Smith / KNOM
Broken windows and stolen Spam are just a few of the casualties of a widespread bear break-in problem in Northwest Alaska this summer. A poor berry season might be part of the reason.Suzanna Caldwell
An extraordinary chum salmon run on the Kobuk River in Northwest Alaska has clogged the waterway with fish, apparently forcing many into the low-oxygen shallows and killing them in high numbers.Suzanna Caldwell
Wanting a freezer full of meat but unsure when her husband would be home from working on a fishing boat near Kodiak, Ashley Switzer borrowed her father's rifle and headed for the hills above Homer.Craig Medred