An evening flight of whimbrels streamed by our boat in a long, wide-spread V formation, their high-pitched peeping cry audible as they passed. Four distinct flocks of 50 or more birds made up the entire contingent of birds that call this place on Bristol Bay’s lower Kvichakestuary home. The whimbrels were spread enough to make it seem as though there were many more than there actually were.  

Ever wondered why Alaska's Sterling Highway is sometimes scattered with the carcasses of dead porcupines in the summer months? Fish and Game says it's likely because of two factors -- a healthy habitat and an uptick in traffic during fishing season.Megan Edge
A female seal pup found orphaned and hurt on Douglas Island was taken to the Alaska SeaLife Center in Seward. Such reports are unusual this late in the year but this one was the second in the same week -- and one of a string of incidents involving injured or dead marine mammals in Alaska waters this summer.Yereth Rosen
The Alaska Division of Wildlife Conservation is warning Anchorage outdoor recreationists to keep a watchful eye out for bears as salmon spawn in Campbell Creek.  Megan Edge
After years of effort, a community-run patrol aimed at protecting residents from polar bears is about to get underway in the village of Wales, at the tip of the Seward Peninsula.Laura Kraegel | KNOM
The voluntary guidelines issued Wednesday aim to protect harbor seals resting on floating ice in Alaska's much-visited glacial fjords.Yereth Rosen
Fish and Game spokeswoman Cathie Harms says bear sightings in the Fairbanks area are much less common than they are in Anchorage or Juneau.Associated Press
This weekend, wolf attacks were responsible for the deaths of a number of sheep and lambs in northern Sweden, in Sågmyra and Insjön, and on Monday, the County Administrative Board will be reviewing an application that came in to carry out a protective hunt.Radio Sweden
Better Alaska mapping, more understanding of mineral resources, more study of the effects of thawing permafrost and more help to Arctic communities coping with crumbling coastlines and vulnerable infrastructure are among the tasks that the U.S. Geological Survey plans in its newly released five-year Arctic strategy.Alaska Dispatch News
A scientist says researchers may never solve the recent deaths of 18 endangered whales whose carcasses were found floating off Kodiak Island.Rachel D'Oro | Associated Press