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While remodeling their home, the homeowners moved a freezer onto their front porch. A bear got into the unlocked freezer, which was full of food, so they secured mesh across the porch entrance. But the bear returned for more.


Tegan Hanlon
Troopers in Wasilla on Tuesday killed a bear that had been wounded by man after it attempted to enter his home. Tegan Hanlon
A warming planet means less ice coverage in the Arctic, leaving polar bears with less time and less ice for hunting seals. They depend on seals for their survival. But the polar bears of Canada's Hudson Bay have discovered a new menu option.James Gorman
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service will make a decision by the end of next year on whether to give Endangered Species Act protections to wolves dwelling in the coastal rainforest of Southeast Alaska under a legal settlement filed in federal court on Monday. Yereth Rosen
A Katmai sow grizzly bear adopted a yearling after the yearling's mother abandoned it in a tree by Brooks Falls. Now the sow, the sow's cub and the yearling are fishing together and expected to hibernate this winter as a family.Megan Edge
After peeling off his waders, the Alaska biologist discovered a puncture near his Achilles and a long chunk of flesh ripped open on his leg where the bear's tooth had caught him near the calf and then dragged through flesh toward his ankle.Craig Medred
A medical examination has concluded that the female humpback whale found dead off the shores of Kodiak in July was killed by a ship strike, according to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.Tegan Hanlon
In an average 10-year lifespan, most Alaska marmots are awake for far less than half of it. By late September, they head into a den with a single entrance, pull in a grass plug to keep in the heat, and enter into a true dormant state. John Schandelmeier
State officials contend that manipulating prey numbers boosts long-term ecosystem management. If such manipulation can be done through changes in normal hunting seasons and harvest methods -- rather than through predator control -- all the better. Craig Medred
A meeting in Bethel over the weekend looked to get ahead of the science and policy involved in the state's proposed 2016 adoption of new escapement goals for the Kuskokwim.Lisa Demer