Since 2007, as fall sea ice has retreated, Pacific walruses have hauled out near Point Lay on Alaska's North Slope by the thousands in what has become an iconic image of climate change. But how long have they been doing it?

Kamala Kelkar
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service has identified people responsible for an Arctic walrus slaughter last month, the Alaska U.S. attorney’s office said Friday in a press release. Megan Edge
The bear was reportedly killed at the homeless camp in East Anchorage after trying to get into a tent with children inside. Megan Edge

"Not there, please. Please bears, go on. Go, go, go!" says one of the researchers in the video.

Asaf Shalev
A Juneau police officer pulled over for what looked like "a little brown puffball" in the road. It turned out to be an owl, possibly injured during high winds overnight.Tegan Hanlon
A bear outside a public-use cabin on Berg Bay in Southeast Alaska didn't take too kindly to being pepper-sprayed, and vented its frustration on a traveler's kayak.Sean Doogan
A black bear waltzed into a Juneau apartment building late Monday and got lost, leaving police with the job of going in to find it. Tegan Hanlon
Bogoslof Island, the tip of a mostly submerged stratovolcano in the Aleutians, is only a few hundred years old. It's northern fur seal populations meanwhile is only a few decades old. But it's growing, a fact that's drawing marine mammal researchers.Molly Dischner
As the number of Kenai Peninsula brown bears increase, biologists wrestle with how much hunting the population can sustain.Joseph Robertia

Trumpeter and tundra swans stop to feed at Potter Marsh in South Anchorage on their migration south to wintering grounds Tuesday, Sept. 22. 

Bob Hallinen