Crowding, garbage and careless behavior around a popular Southeast Alaska bear-viewing site have some tourists vowing never to return -- and some locals vowing to seek improvements.

Tom Morphet | Chilkat Valley News
NOAA said Thursday it was classifying the deaths of 30 whales in the Gulf of Alaska as an "unusual mortality event," a move that will prompt a more focused expert investigation.Yereth Rosen
A small pod of beluga whales was spotted between the Interior Alaska villages of Galena and Ruby Sunday morning. Clifford Cleaver got a video and photos of the whales because "we figured no one was gonna believe us." Laurel Andrews
Drones flying near black bears in Minnesota caused the animals' heart rates to soar, even though few bears showed any outward symptoms of stress, according to a new study led by University of Minnesota researchers.Amina Khan
In a repeat of events familiar to Nome residents after last summer, a local dog was gored by a bull musk ox Wednesday, before the musk ox was killed.Matthew F. Smith | KNOM
With an estimate of only 30 right whales remaining in the eastern North Pacific, a month-long NOAA cruise in the waters off Kodiak aims to locate the rare whales and gather more information that will be used to protect them.  Yereth Rosen
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game had closed a corridor northeast of the park two weeks early in mid-May after two wolves were shot legally near the Stampede Trail. Laurel Andrews
An adult black bear at the Eklutna Lake campground was killed by campers after it attacked at least two dogs in one week, a Fish and Game spokesman says.Suzanna Caldwell
Federal officials have made a lot of unfulfilled promises in the past in the past about paying attention to the issues and needs of the far north, so Alaskans have a right to be skeptical about new promises, Secretary of State John Kerry said on Sunday.Yereth Rosen
The Alaska Moose Federation has a new director who hopes to take the controversial organization back to basics.Suzanna Caldwell