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A survey conducted earlier this summer in the DeLong and Schwatka mountains by federal Park Service and state Fish and Game officials observed 102 sheep; just one was a full-curl ram and only two were lambs.

Jillian Rogers
The attack comes amid a summer of similar threats to dogs -- and people -- in and around Nome, some of which have left dogs dead and resulted in musk ox shot “in defense of life or property.” (With video) Matthew F. Smith / KNOM
Broken windows and stolen Spam are just a few of the casualties of a widespread bear break-in problem in Northwest Alaska this summer. A poor berry season might be part of the reason.Suzanna Caldwell
An extraordinary chum salmon run on the Kobuk River in Northwest Alaska has clogged the waterway with fish, apparently forcing many into the low-oxygen shallows and killing them in high numbers.Suzanna Caldwell
As Thea Thomas curled into the fetal position to protect herself from the brown bear that had sprinted toward her on the Heney Ridge Trail, she wondered if she would survive the attack. “Time seemed to kind of slow down a little and I thought, ‘Well, I might not get out of this one,’” Thomas said.Laurel Andrews
Trapping in Katmai National Park and Preserve is never legal for any reason -- not even as predator control. So, how brown bear sow 854, better known to her fans as Divot, ended up with a snare wrapped around her neck and piercing her flesh remains a mystery.Megan Edge
A Nome woman was cited for killing a musk ox earlier this month, underscoring the community's growing problem with nuisance musk oxen wandering close to town.Matthew F. Smith | KNOM
The man, who has not been identified, said he was walking with his unleashed dogs off of Hiland Road. The dogs wandered off and when they ran back, they were trailed by a brown bear sow. Tegan Hanlon
It is the third time since 1971 that Alaska scientists have confirmed the rabies virus in a bat, but the state has never recorded an incidence of transmission of rabies from a bat to humans.Tegan Hanlon
A National Guard soldier was attacked by a brown bear sow defending cubs during a training exercise on Joint Base Elemendorf-Richardson Sunday, base officials said in a statement. Michelle Theriault Boots