A black bear sow and her four cubs rummaging through trash in the Anchorage neighborhood of Government Hill were saved from euthanasia Saturday after a phone call from Gov. Bill Walker to the commissioner of Fish and Game. 


Jeannette Lee Falsey
Every year, a fraction of the Bristol Bay beluga whale population makes its way into a Southwest Alaska river, chasing rainbow smelt. For some Alaskans the whales are just a natural symphony in their backyard, but for one the whales are a way to put food on his family's table.  Megan Edge
Alaska Department of Fish and Game officials said Thursday that because of public safety concerns, they planned to kill a family of five black bears seen roaming through Government Hill, a densely populated neighborhood near from downtown Anchorage.Tegan Hanlon
Sarah Howard said her mission seemed fairly simple: Fly from Alaska to New Jersey and return with a 40-pound wolverine. But the wolverine had other plans.Tegan Hanlon
Authorities say a wolverine traveling from Norway to Alaska tried to escape from its metal carrier at at Newark Liberty International Airport in New Jersey Tuesday and had to be tranquilized.Associated Press
Residents say the five bears spotted this weekend in the neighborhood -- a bridge away from downtown Anchorage -- appear to be the same ones that spent much of last summer roaming Government Hill. Michelle Theriault Boots
How do you keep a whale from grabbing the fish off your lines? Many tactics have been tried by frustrated fishermen working off Alaska, where sperm and killer whales skillfully strip high-value black cod from miles of baited lines.Hal Bernton | The Seattle Times
Some bears are already out of hibernation in Alaska, and others will be out soon, which has the Alaska Department of Fish and Game warning that it's time to be bear aware.Craig Medred
Restrictions on bag limits and season length will start July 1 for both the Western Arctic and Teshekpuk herds, whose numbers are dropping. Restrictions will affect both resident and nonresident hunters.Jillian Rogers

Feeling the pinch of the state budget crisis, the Alaska Department of Public Safety announced this month that the state is closing Alaska State Troopers posts in Talkeetna and Girdwood this year.


Erik Hill