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Alaska Dispatch readers share best photos of 2012

Bee's working over the Livingstone Daisies during the month of August 2012
Derek & Sheryl Mills
Cows get up close and personal with an Alaska traveler in Ireland.
Jodi Riddell photo
Wasilla Lake in September
Lisa Johansen photo
Hatcher Pass, Alaska: One of my favorite pics from this year.
Kristina Webb photo
Sometimes adventures call Alaskans across the world. This photo was taken on an Ireland adventure.
Jodi Riddell photo
A breathtaking sunset over Seldovia, Alaska, in May 2012
Angela Gonzalez photo

Alaska Dispatch asked for your best photography of 2012 and our loyal readers responded. Images piled up of Alaskans on adventures overseas. Of breathtaking sunrises and bucolic mountain praries. Cows and kiddies, fish and dirty feet. God bless the laziest of our clan who took the time to email shaky photos from windshields and fender-bender insurance evidentiary photos. Hey, if that's the most remarkable picture of your year, we salute you.

Enjoy this sampling of the crème de la crème, and no need to thank us for curating out the pixelated (but appreciated) half-hopes for a Dispatch-sponsored fireworks show, courtesy of Gorilla Fireworks in Houston, Alaska.