Kirsten Dixon's homemade english muffins

Cutting english muffin dough into 3 inch rounds.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
"Griddling" the dough in a nonstick frying pan.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Crab eggs benedict with homemade english muffins.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Kirsten Dixon

Through travel and family, we’ve all become fans of British-style breakfasts that might include grilled mushrooms and fresh tomatoes (a luxury for us in the winter), fried eggs, potatoes, and those molasses-and-tomato-baked beans.

This week, we made our own English muffins, not necessarily a component of an English breakfast, and not necessarily English at all, but perhaps due to the "McGeneration" familiarity with handheld breakfast sandwiches, our homemade English muffins are a perpetual favorite around the breakfast table.

English muffins are surprisingly easy to make, perhaps even more quick and simple than bread. This particular recipe doesn’t take forever to rise and knead. It is perfect for crab benedicts, as we made this week -- or, just to serve with a hot slab of butter and homemade jam.

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