Photos: Belugas trapped under ice

Sanikiluaq hunters look down Feb. 14 at one of the breathing holes where about 20 belugas are trapped.
Courtesy Nunatsiaq News
This beluga, photographed Feb. 14, is one of about 20 milling around in two small breathing holes near Sanikiluaq. The beluga shows injuries from attacks from polar bears.
Courtesy Nunatsiaq News
Belugas trapped between two small breathing holes near Sanikiluaq, with blood from recent attacks by polar bears.
Courtesy Nunatsiaq News
Nunatsiaq News

About 20 beluga whales have spent this past week trapped in sea ice, around two breathing holes about 60 miles south of Sanikiluaq.

Many of the belugas have been killed or wounded after repeated attacks by polar bears, who have been hanging around two six-foot-wide breathing holes, said Lucassie Arragutainaq, who works with the Hunters and Trappers Association in the Hudson Bay community.

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