Photos: Caramel-cream cheese flan

Patience will help ensure your flan parts sweetly from its inverted baking pan onto serving plate. Thirty seconds should do the trick.
Kim Sunee photo
Caramel that lined the bottom of the pan for baking will coat your flan deliciously after it's turned upside down.
Kim Sunee photo
This caramel-cream cheese flan became a universal favorite among judges in a 2003 Southern Living magazine contest -- no easy task among such a discriminating crowd.
Kim Sunee photo
Kim Sunée

Flan, a delicate egg custard with soft caramel sauce -- as opposed to crème brûlée with its hard caramel surface -- is not in my usual repertoire. But as I was looking for something a little different, easy enough to make in advance and something that would please guests, I remembered this prize-winning recipe from my days as a food editor at Southern Living magazine.

Cookbook author Josefa Gonzales-Hastings, shared this recipe that won $10,000 as a finalist in the magazine’s 2003 $100,000 Cook-Off. I remember it unanimously winning the editors’ votes, which is not an easy feat in a kitchen full of opinionated food lovers.

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