Photos: High fashion at Fur Rondy winter festival

Julie Brophy sporting Bogs and a patent leather purse. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Priscilla Tingook sporting with a hand-made kuspuk. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Carrie-Marie Fleming and David wearing Coyote fur coats. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Will Brewer with clothes from Banana Republic, REI, and other outfitters. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Ed Harris with grizzly bear, black bear and wolf fur. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Alfredo Solivan with LL Bean. Feb 24, 2013
Loren Holmes photo
Loren Holmes

Fur earmuffs, fur-lined jackets and furry, bearded Alaska men: It should come as no surprise that this year's trending accessory at the annual Fur Rondy winter festival in Anchorage, is animal fur.

Alaskans fly in from around the state for the annual event, which features championship sled dog mushing, rides and games, artisans and even an "Alaskan formal" of sorts, the Miners and Trappers Ball. 

Among the fashion standouts during the festival's kick-off weekend: Ed Hills, an Alaska Railroad maintenance shop supervisor who lives in Anchorage. In style circles, the phrase “mix and match” usually means something other than the outfit Hills sported, but you'll get the idea. His hat, mittens and coat were made of black bear fur. His chaps were made from the fur of brown bears, while his coat sleeves were wolf fur.

The hides came from various sources, including the Fur Rondy fur auction, other local trappers and his own hunts, Hills said.

Shopgirl takeaway: Hills looked genuinely Alaska and fundamentally Fur Rondy without bordering on Discovery Channel kitschy. 

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