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Photos: Kirsten Dixon's caramel nut tarts

Press the nut mixture into a tart pan.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Pour the hot mixture into the baked tart shell.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Caramel nut tart with whipped cream.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Neil and Bernard on "end of season" sledding day
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Our caretaker Bernard heads back up the sled hill
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Kirsten Dixon

In the brilliant perfect day of spring, we’ve decided to “call” our winter season at the lodge. We’ll begin the process of preparing for break-up and the two-month transition into summer. Out with the snowshoes and skis and in with the garden equipment and vegetable seed packages.

Our last guests of the winter season have spent the day out with most of our crew sledding, dog mushing, snowshoeing, and skiing. We packed a big cooler full of deli sandwiches, a thermos of hot carrot soup, bags of trail mix and packages of cookies. We added in marshmallows and chocolate and big long skewers to make s’mores in the bonfire that will warm up the crew between sled hill runs.

And, we made a caramel nut tart to take along ...

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