Photos: Mild weather brings Alaska wildlife out to sunbathe

The weather has been unseasonably mild and calm for early February in the Far North, with daylight slowly returning to the subarctic after months in the darkness.
Matt Keller photo
A wolf was spotted sunbathing on a recent sunny day flight over Southcentral Alaska
Matt Keller photo
The wolves apparently did not know that a band of 12 Dall sheep were meandering on a cliff nearby.
Matt Keller photo
Look closely and you'll notice the wolves on the ridge top, with the sheep just below. Neither predators nor prey were bothered by the noisy Supercub engine, perhaps because the weather was just too nice to care.
Matt Keller photo
Matt Keller

I've been out boring some holes in the sky this week and managed to get a couple of cool shots. The weather has been mild and calm for several days and with the daylight slowly returning to the North there is a distant hope of warmer temperatures in the coming months.  

We spotted a couple of wolves sunning themselves on the summit of a small knoll, totally unbothered by the Super Cub. There was a band of about 12 sheep lingering on cliffs just 100 yards away, but everybody seemed at ease with the situation.  

Look close in the last photo: Wolves on top of the peak seem unaware of the sheep lingering below.  

We also saw a beautiful lynx from the air, an awesome sight!

Matthew Keller is the owner and operator of Blue Ice Aviation. He was born and raised in Alaska, and his office is the cockpit of his Super Cub. His goal is to transport everyone into Alaska's vast wilderness. See more of his videos and writing at Blue Ice Aviation.