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Photos: Welcome spring with chili-crab fresh rolls

Drizzle over a little dipping sauce if you are serving immediately.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
A colorful and springtime chili crab fresh roll platter.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Just soak the papers briefly in hot water and they turn into stretchable wrappers.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
You can add in other veggies to your creation like avocado and carrots.
Tyrone Potgieter photo
Kirsten Dixon

Chili crab is an outrageously delicious but impossibly messy dish from Singapore made from crabs, chili sauce, lots of garlic, sugar and tomatoes all simmered into a thick, sticky stew and served over rice. We love the flavor of chili crab but we weren’t up for an entire sticky-fingered meal of it. We decided we could compromise and combine Singaporean chili crab flavors with a Vietnamese fresh roll using Alaska crabmeat. The result? Our favorite springtime dish so far!

Fresh rolls are stunning when they are done right, meaning that they are filled to capacity with plenty of herbs and greens, a little bit of some kind of vegetable, and in our kitchen, we usually add in seafood. This time, it's Alaska opilio crab, recently plucked from the Bering Sea.

Recipe: Make Chef Kirsten Dixon's chili-crab fresh rolls