Who knew? Iditarod Trail teeming with celebrity lookalikes

Separated at birth? Musher Lance Mackey and entertainer Snoop Dogg.
Separated at birth? Musher Mitch Seavey and actor Gary Oldman.
Separated at birth? Musher Dallas Seavey and New England Patriots Quarterback Tom Brady.
Separated at birth? Musher Aliy Zirkle and actress Frances McDormand.
Separated at birth? Musher James Volek and Pixar character Fergus from the movie Brave.
Separated at birth? Musher Aaron Peck and actor Bradley Cooper.
Separated at birth? Musher John Baker and actor Alford Molina.
Separated at birth? Musher Gerald Sousa and actor Dave Koechner.
Separated at birth? Musher Joar Leifseth Ulsom and Levi Johnston
Craig Medred

In Alaska and around the north, sled-dog racers with swagger and a few wins can transform from rural unknowns into big-time celebrities. Even dogs that win the Iditarod Trail Sled Dog Race are occasionally memorialized. Just ask any of the thousands of people from around the world who gather each year for the race's ceremonial start, the culmination of a weeks-long winter festival in Anchorage. It's a veritable Who's who of circumpolar sled dog racing, their screaming fans and fumbling paparazzi. 

There's no red carpet here but plenty of dog-mushing gossip, family dynasties, generational clashes, media wars, political intrigue and more. Whether in Alaska or watching from Outside, every fan wants to catch a glimpse of their favorite dog team and cheer for that special musher blessed with success and a dedicated dog team.

A few mushing icons have celebrity lookalikes in Hollywood, stars who might bring box office gold to an Iditarod movie. Do our eyes deceive us? Did we pick well or fall short?

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