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For the first time, a majority of Americans – 52 percent – support legal marijuana, the Pew Research Center reports. In November, two states legalized marijuana for recreational use.Linda Feldmann
In addition to the 33 percent base rate, there’s a $5-per-barrel credit for oil produced for so-called “new oil.” The credit would also cover oil that qualifies for a 20 percent tax break known as a gross value reduction.Alaska Dispatch
Democrats and other critics of Mayor Dan Sullivan said Wednesday that the city election results represent a strong rebuke of his agenda on labor unions and a loss of power for the mayor.Lisa Demer
With Alaska already committed to spending up to $500 million to spur construction of a natural gas pipeline, now there's a legislative push to spend hundreds of millions of dollars more on another line. And there are no guarantees that either will ever be built.Pat Forgey
Russ Millette took to Facebook on Wednesday to try to raise money to sue the party that put him in power -- no matter how briefly. Just another day for the Alaska Republican Party.Craig Medred
Fresh-faced Nick Moe, 26, trails the 69-year-old Assembly Chairman Ernie Hall by 93 votes in the unofficial count following Tuesday night's municipal election and is confident he can win. Sound familiar? Remember Sen. Lisa Murkowski.Alex DeMarban


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