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Gov. Sean Parnell introduced plans to assist the in-state refinery business by offering tax breaks of $20 million a year for each in-state refinery, along with a new way to calculate the value of royalty oil bought by refineries. Dermot Cole
If a natural gas pipeline is built, state oil taxes could drop by more than $250 million per year during the four-year construction phase. That's because costs at Point Thomson would be deductible against oil taxes, legislative consultants say.  Dermot Cole
Has Alaska given away too much of the people's oil wealth to industry, with too little in return? Will the state's newest oil tax scheme yield positive results? Opposing views faced off Saturday in Anchorage.Jill Burke
Tuesday's election for one school board seat pits Kameron Perez-Verdia, 42, against Don Smith, 75, in a race that Smith says offers voters a stark choice between a "conservative and a liberal." But Perez-Verdia describes it differently, saying that he's fiscally conservative himself.Nathaniel Herz
Anchorage voters will decide six open seats on the 11-member Assembly April 1. The ADN asks candidates: Why are you running for Anchorage Assembly?
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