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In a rare Saturday session, House Republicans looked for a way to keep the government operating while forcing a one-year delay in implementing Obamacare.Gail Russell Chaddock
The Denali Commission Inspector General wants to end federal funding for the commission and eliminate his own job as a watchdog. Why? The Ted Stevens-era experiment has failed, he says. Dermot Cole
Some $16 million will be sent to the Secure Rural School program for Alaska, which funds school districts in federal reserves and on other Washington D.C.-controlled-lands without a property tax base.Sean Doogan
The public health department of Alaska’s largest city wants 66 acres of prime real estate in West Anchorage, beyond the airport and out where Raspberry Road ends in Kincaid Park. Jerzy Shedlock
Alaska Natives and state officials offered competing visions of where things were going wrong with wildlife management in Alaska, but sometimes appeared to be talking past each other when it came to solutions.Pat Forgey
Disgraced ex-legislator and current Wasilla city council candidate Vic Kohring lost one appeal in July, lost his attorneys a short time later, and on Tuesday lost what might have been his last chance -- however remote -- at getting his federal corruption conviction overturned.Richard Mauer
A debate rages on about the hotly contested 2007 law that hiked taxes on the Alaska's major oil producers, but it's undeniable that the law has been in place during a period of steady job growth unseen in the 49th state since the late 1980s. Alex DeMarban
Tea party favorite Joe Miller may not have a big enough base to beat Lt. Gov. Mead Treadwell in a GOP Senate nomination fight, but if Alaska Natural Resources Commissioner Dan Sullivan makes it a three-way duel, Miller's campaign might get new life.Pat Forgey
U.S. Sen. Mark Begich said Friday he's not worried about the growing number of Republicans vying for the chance to take him on in November 2014.Lisa Demer
Sarah Palin and her super PAC, Sarah PAC, are being sued by a media group over an iconic photo used by Palin on her Facebook page commemorating Sept. 11 earlier this week.Alaska Dispatch


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