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Applicants to the legislative task force will be asked whether they believe an increase in the Base Student Allocation will solve most or all of the financial problems for public schools in Alaska.Pat Forgey
In a commentary appearance on Fox News Channel, Sarah Palin warned the GOP that if the party keeps moving away from fundamental conservatism, she and other like-minded voters may take the hint and leave, maybe even find a new party.Scott Woodham
George Irvin, prominent figure in the Alaska Native community who helped shape policy for the influential Alaska Federation of Natives, died after a battle with colon cancer.Alex DeMarban
A dizzying number of redistricting maps will make their first official appearances at a public hearing Friday in Anchorage, with the Alaska Redistricting Board suggesting it would entertain even more options on how to split the state into legislative districts.Richard Mauer
Turns out the $1 billion that BP recently announced it will spend to boost oil drilling on Alaska's North Slope over the next five years is a cost that will be borne by BP and the state's other oil producers -- not by BP alone.Alex DeMarban
A committee of the Alaska Legislature heard concerns from two top insurance officials and a doctor worried that some Alaskans may face higher costs when Obamacare goes into effect on January 1. Pat Forgey
The U.S. Supreme Court's decision to strike down parts of the 1965 Voting Rights Act will have wide impacts in Alaska, giving freer hands to officials and lawmakers trying to change how Alaskans vote.Richard Mauer
What does the Supreme Court's Voting Rights Act ruling mean for Alaska Natives and other minority groups? Let's take a look.Suzanna Caldwell
Even as the Supreme Court ponders the federal Voting Rights Act that could dictate the final plans for Alaska's voting districts, the state redistricting board is moving ahead with public hearings on nearly a dozen proposed maps.Ben Anderson


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