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A commercial aiming to raise suspicions about the nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, was made for an Alaska audience. It's causing some controversy.Alaska Dispatch
Finding new Cook Inlet gas will buy time, said one consultant, but probably isn't the long-term solution for Southcentral Alaska customers.Pat Forgey
Does Russ Millette want to run the Alaska Republican Party, or does he want to take it over and replace it with some new party?Craig Medred
OPINION: The female leadership of the "Idle No More" Movement is a testament to women's ability to reclaim power in the face of oppression.Kristin Moe
Freshman Sen. Peter Micciche runs Conoco Phillips' gas export plant in Kenai and says he can be fair to the industry and the state.Richard Mauer
State officials say Cook Inlet may have more natural gas than a recent study for Anchorage-area utilities suggested.Pat Forgey
Russ Millette, chair-elect of the Alaska Republican Party, speaks out in a YouTube interview against the complaints filed against him, which may determine whether or not he will keep the party's top spot.Alaska Dispatch
A clash over state ferries is shedding light onto recent turmoil at the Alaska Department of Transportation, and on attempts by Gov. Parnell to assert authority over independent state advisory boards.Pat Forgey


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