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Industry turned out in force at a legislative hearing Tuesday in support of Gov. Sean Parnell's oil tax cut proposal, with timber, mining, and other industries rallying behind their colleagues in the oil and gas sector.Pat Forgey
Alaska's new transportation commissioner has done some work fixing relationships that started off on the wrong two left feet over administration of the state's ferry system.Pat Forgey
In her first interview with the Daily News since she switched parties, Rep. Lindsey Holmes says she remains true to her ideals.Richard Mauer
Post FOX News, the million SarahPAC has on hand should help Alaska's former governor continue her fight for what she calls "American Exceptionalism" and for "limited constitutional government."Alaska Dispatch
A commercial aiming to raise suspicions about the nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, was made for an Alaska audience. It's causing some controversy.Alaska Dispatch
Finding new Cook Inlet gas will buy time, said one consultant, but probably isn't the long-term solution for Southcentral Alaska customers.Pat Forgey
Does Russ Millette want to run the Alaska Republican Party, or does he want to take it over and replace it with some new party?Craig Medred
OPINION: The female leadership of the "Idle No More" Movement is a testament to women's ability to reclaim power in the face of oppression.Kristin Moe
Freshman Sen. Peter Micciche runs Conoco Phillips' gas export plant in Kenai and says he can be fair to the industry and the state.Richard Mauer


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