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Question: Do you favor a proposed constitutional amendment allowing the state to direct public dollars for private schooling, including religious schools?
Alaska Congressman Don Young's use of the racial slur "wetbacks" in an Alaska radio interview, Thursday, comes as the national GOP tries to rebrand itself as appealing to Hispanics, who voted overwhelmingly for President Obama during last year's election.Alaska Dispatch
The national leaders of the Republican Party are condemning Alaska U.S. Rep. Don Young for calling Latino farm workers "wetbacks," a slur that comes at a time when the Republican Party is desperately courting Latino voters.Sean Cockerham
In a radio interview in Ketchikan this week, Rep. Don Young referred to California farm workers as "wetbacks." He later issued a statement saying he "meant no disrespect."Richard Mauer
It's rare that Alaska Congressman Don Young apologizes for a verbal gaffe. But referring to migrants who allegedly worked at his childhood  family farm in California as "wetbacks" during a radio interview produced a swift apology from his press office on Thursday.Eric Christopher Adams
If you could change three things about the School District, what would they be (listing most important first)?
Controversy surrounding Sen. Lisa Murkowski's amendment to the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) has rocketed Alaska's sexual assault record into the limelight. On Thursday, "Choose Respect" took to the streets in Anchorage to show solidarity with victims.Katie Medred
Anchorage voters will decide on four bond propositions in Tuesday's city election, including a $54.8 million proposition for school projects.Rosemary Shinohara
Alaska Rep. Don Young said he will file for a 22nd term, and would continue to seek re-election because nobody could do a better job representing Alaska in the halls of Congress. Pat Forgey

Alaska oil tax cuts moved through ConocoPhillips-friendly committee chairs

March 27, 2013 - 7:36pm -- eca
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Legislative leaders who support a tax cut on oil companies doing business in Alaska have appointed industry-friendly committee chairs and then sent the bill through those committees, resulting in ConocoPhillips vice presidents appearing before legislative committees chaired by ConocoPhillips employees.


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