With the movement to legalize marijuana gaining ground, all eyes are on Alaska and other states where voters have approved recreational use.Suzanna Caldwell
A day after the newly formed Republican Senate majority announced itself, it added Bush Democrat Sen. Lyman Hoffman to its numbers, bringing the caucus to 15 members -- three-fourths of the Alaska Senate.Richard Mauer
During their campaign for U.S. Senate, incumbent Democrat Mark Begich and Republican challenger Dan Sullivan were all over the state. Now, with tens of thousands of absentee and other outstanding votes still set to be counted, both candidates have gone quiet.Nathaniel Herz
The U.S. Senate campaigns and outside groups that buried Alaska under an avalanche of advertising, phone calls, mailers and other forms of political persuasion, spent roughly $225 for everyone who cast a ballot. Dermot Cole
Republicans emboldened by their Election Day victories are poised to use their new power on Capitol Hill to advance oil and gas industry priorities, beginning with approving the Keystone XL pipeline.Jennifer A. Dlouhy
Though Ballot Measure 2 -- an initiative legalizing marijuana in Alaska -- passed by just 4 points Tuesday, it garnered more support than any other statewide race. Pro-legalization advocates credit conservative voters with tipping the balance in favor of the measure.Suzanna Caldwell
The election Tuesday increased the Senate Republican majority to 14 senators, who quickly responded with an organization that put Kevin Meyer of Anchorage in the President’s chair for the 29th Legislature beginning January. John Coghill of Fairbanks remains majority leader.Richard Mauer,Pat Forgey
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