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President Barack Obama reflects on his busy trip to Alaska, from the people he met and the sights he saw to the issues in the state that need addressing.Barack Obama
Climate change was the focus of President Obama’s trip to the Arctic on Wednesday, in which he flew over the flood-threatened village of Kivalina and stopped at the Inupiat hub town of Kotzebue. Here is the full text of his speech to the community at Kotzebue Middle/High School.  
President Obama brought no grand policy pronouncements, new legislative proposals or major tranches of federal aid with him to Alaska. Instead, he sought to use the power of his own celebrity to command attention to the issue of climate change.Josh Lederman | Associated Press

Kivalina is wedged onto a sliver of gravel not even a quarter-mile across at its widest, between the open sea to the west and the expansive Kivalina Lagoon to the east. Erosion from Chukchi Sea waves on one side and lagoon currents on the other are a continuing threat.

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After days of postcard-perfect Alaska weather, President Barack Obama arrived on a rainy morning in the fishing town of Dillingham, where hundreds of cheering residents ignored the drizzle and lined the streets to catch a glimpse.Lisa Demer

President Barack Obama watched a traditional Yup’ik dance group perform four dances at Middle School in Dillingham, Alaska on Sept. 2, 2015. Obama first watched the performance, then got up and danced with the group. 

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Troopers seized the meat. and Nathan Olson of Minnesota was issued a summons to appear in Kotzebue District Court for the citation on Sept. 17.Michelle Theriault Boots
An entire generation of really dumb ducks are swimming very close to the Denali Highway on both the Monahan Flats and the Maclaren River. John Schandelmeier
President Barack Obama was delivering a speech in the Arctic Alaska community of Kotzebue on Wednesday. Comments were expected to begin at 5:50 p.m. Watch the live stream.Alaska Dispatch News
The White House on Wednesday announced new efforts and funding to encourage energy efficiency in remote villages and the appointment of a federal coordinator for “climate resilience” in Alaska, in conjunction with President Barack Obama's trip to Kotzebue.  Erica Martinson
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