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Rural Alaska

Archaeologists are unearthing a trove of material -- and knowledge of the past -- from an ancient Yup’ik settlement in Southwest Alaska. 

Erik Hill,Lisa Demer
On the eroding Bering Sea coast of far Western Alaska, archaeologists from around the world are unearthing remnants of an ancient Yup’ik village frozen in place for hundreds of years.Lisa Demer
In McCarthy, America’s favorite pastime was still befuddling foreigners trying to embrace it, and “liquid gladness” was still lubricating an evening’s entertainment. If Team 1 and Team 2 weren’t competitive the way the two towns used to be, they still represented some of the old McCarthy can-do, make-do free spirit. Nancy Lord

The Alaska Technical Center in Kotzebue is building a dormitory to help bring in high school villagers to study at the school, making it Alaska's newest magnet school.

Bob Hallinen


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