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Rural Alaska

The only pull of nostalgia I get from leaving the winter water system behind is mothballing our old-fashioned pitcher-pump until the next fall. Over the years, the pump has been patched by welds, repainted and has seen more replacement gaskets than the old 1967 Rambler station wagon that was my first car.Steve Kahn
Across Alaska, trooper seizures of alcohol, heroin and processed marijuana declined in 2014. Seizures of prescription drugs also dropped while seizures of methamphetamine and cocaine more than doubled.Tegan Hanlon
The Walker administration’s proposal to slash staff at a wildland firefighting camp in McGrath will increase the danger to people and property across a massive swath of the state, residents said. Alex DeMarban
The crew of the City of Tokyo pumped about 4,500 gallons of oily bilge water directly overboard about 164 miles south of the Aleutian Islands, according to a settlement agreement.Yereth Rosen
There is a total of about $900 million in needed water and sewer work throughout rural Alaska, state officials said.Molly Dischner | Associated Press
Alaska State Troopers are investigating the beating of one man and threats to kill a family in a Western Alaska village. Three men have been arrested. Megan Edge
A tractor-trailer crashed Wednesday on the Dalton Highway, spilling 3,000 to 4,000 gallons of diesel fuel about 30 miles north of the Yukon River.Megan Edge
Rep. Ben Nageak, a Democrat from Barrow, suffered a medical emergency on the House floor Wednesday morning while delivering a speech on the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.Nathaniel Herz
The company that provides regular helicopter service to the island of Little Diomede in the Bering Strait says a combination of weather and mechanical issues has kept them from flying. Residents say that despite just a single mail and cargo delivery in the last month, they are getting by.Matthew F. Smith / KNOM
The decision by Gov. Bill Walker to force Bethel’s top prosecutor from her job appears to be the first time a governor has taken such action against a district attorney, but Walker is defending the move.Lisa Demer
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