Rick Sinnott

Common sense dictates that vehicles traveling at slower speeds hit fewer moose. And it gives moose more time to react.Rick Sinnott
Mysterious objects turn up at the bird feeder:  Black mushrooms, rocks, rose hips, branches. Who is leaving them, and what message are they trying to send?Rick Sinnott
A rare protected estuary at the mouth of Campbell Creek is now owned by Anchorage. It will afford exceptional opportunities to view sandhill cranes, snow geese and other Alaska wildlife.  Rick Sinnott
I respect Medred’s personal decision not to vote, but I believe everyone should vote. I will continue to vote. I’ll also strive to be fair and accurate. I wish more people would do the same.Rick Sinnott
OPINION: In a 2006 book, Bell casually admits to several hunting violations. Is anyone else wondering if someone could be unfit for office who shows such ignorance or disregard for the law?Rick Sinnott
On the fringes of Anchorage are two trails representing the best places in Alaska to watch rutting moose. Just be sure to carry a can of pepper spray.Rick Sinnott
One problem is that no one now living knows whether Powerline Pass ever had a Dena’ina name. If it did, it’s long forgotten.Rick Sinnott
Rick Sinnott writes about how he and his partners were saved by some of the very hunters whose ubiquitous presence ruined his recent trip to Moose Camp. And they can have it. Because this will be his last trip.Rick Sinnott
In Alaska, a lawmaker can rack up $42,595 in traveling expenses at the same time a lowly state employee waits months and months for a replacement cap.Rick Sinnott
OPINION: Alaskans have fought long and hard for the right to manage the state's abundant natural resources. If Proposition 2 is voted down Tuesday, Alaskans will be ceding sovereignty to big-monied, Outside corporate interests.Rick Sinnott
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