An Alaska woman suspected her family's dog snatched her wedding ring, but she couldn't find proof -- until the diamond-encrusted platinum band turned up months later at a local ball field.Associated Press
"It kind of is redneck," auto mechanic Bryan "Bree" Parsons admits of his hard-to-miss "Swiftkick," a Frankenstein's monster of a car made from cobbled-together parts that can be spotted cruising around Anchorage.Suzanna Caldwell
Faced with accelerating memory loss, legendary Anchorage renaissance woman Jean Paal is having her funeral now while she can still enjoy it.Mike Dunham

Avid aurora chaser and photographer Ronn Murray proclaimed March 1 "one of the best nights of aurora this winter," and for good reason. This time-lapse of the northern lights was captured from a hill 45 minutes away from Fairbanks.

Tara Young

Every year at the Fur Rendezvous Hide and Horn auction in Anchorage, the Alaska Department of Fish and Game auctions items confiscated from hunters, recovered from road kills or taken in defense of life and property.

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Rondy Horn and Hide auction draws eclectic crowd

March 1, 2015 - 8:40pm -- benanderson
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The annual Fur Rondy Horn and Hide Auction sees the Department of Fish and Game sell animal parts confiscated from hunters, collected from road kills and taken in defense of life and property. And though the auction plays out on stage, there's plenty of fur to see in the crowd, too.

For parents, caring for a newborn can be a draining, trying process. Enter the night nanny -- a caregiver who takes care of the baby's overnight needs, giving parents some much-needed nocturnal respite.Jill Burke
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