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Although it may seem odd that Fairbanks -- notorious for its dark, frigid, and seemingly endless winters -- would be a functional beekeeping habitat, summertime makes for prosperous colonies.

Craig Medred
For the first time in Yakutat's history, LOL, ROFL, BRB, CYL8R and other encrypted codes often shared among texting teenagers will make their way to this town located along an isolated stretch of the Gulf of Alaska.Diane Jeantet

The World cruise ship, billed the only private residential community at sea, passed through Alaska's largest city this past week while on its way to the Northwest Passage.

Loren Holmes
The Arctic Row expedition slammed into the Arctic Ocean storm’s residue. Steady 20 mph winds along with “mass amounts of ice” were enough to stall the team's progress. Mike Campbell

Alaska Republicans joined for the party's annual picnic at Anchorage’s Kincaid Park. And unlike past years, everybody seemed to get along.

Amanda Coyne
I recently broke up with my boyfriend of a couple years. I just feel like our lives are moving in different directions and we don't have a lot in common anymore. Plus, the sparks had really gone out of the relationship.Wayne and Wanda
Almost exactly 25 years after the first person to ever swim the Bering Strait captured world headlines, a 44-year-old French man will attempt the same feat without any arms or legs.Ben Anderson


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