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For the last seven years, a coffee stand inside Hiland Mountain Correctional Center has served up espresso to staff, inmates and visitors as both a fundraiser and skill builder.

Suzanna Caldwell,Loren Holmes
Treat this ruby red condiment like royalty this year and make it the star of your breakfast, lunch or dinner. Shannon Kuhn
When you have had your fill of decadent Thanksgiving leftovers and are craving a huge steaming pot of something wholesome and chock full of vegetables, turn to this hearty Winter Minestrone Soup.Maya Evoy

The holidays are upon us and that means it's time for family, festivities and, of course, food. Here's a collection of some of our favorite recipes from Alaska Dispatch News food writers.

Alaska Dispatch News

Wednesday at Polaris K-12 school, students were divided into the haves and the have-nots. Drawing a card at random, each participant in the "hunger banquet" was assigned an identity, such as a poor farmer from Sierra Leone or the affluent mayor of a Peruvian town.

Loren Holmes
At least four locations across Anchorage will serve free meals on Thanksgiving, offering individuals and families a place to turn for both celebration and company during the holiday.Chris Klint
Anchorage food trucks have been struggling to find a place to park in the winter. The shut down of the Fireweed Take In is the latest challenge mobile food vendors have faced in Alaska's largest city.Suzanna Caldwell
Bakers at Fire Island’s two locations will bake through the night in order to have both shops stocked full of fresh rolls, cakes, tarts, galettes and bread first thing Thanksgiving morning.Steve Edwards
Nestle Toll House Café is the latest chain restaurant to land in the 49th state, and the franchise hopes to capitalize on Alaskans' love of coffee and baked goods.Suzanna Caldwell
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