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After eight years in business, Dish Sushi Bar and Japanese Restaurant closed its doors permanently following an IRS auction.Suzanna Caldwell
Alaska from Scratch: This is an updated version of my old favorite. Jalapeños sliced in half and stuffed with cream cheese like the classic, but then topped with gooey melted cheddar cheese and crunchy, smoky bacon crumbles.Maya Wilson
Zoi Maroudas-Tziolas is a mom on a mission to make baby food more nutritious -- and better tasting, too.Shannon Kuhn
Market Fresh: Whether it’s “gourmet” Alaska honey, specialty pasta or tasty macarons just in time for Administrative Professional Day, the Center Market is the place to be this week.Steve Edwards
When a friend, whose knowledge of downtown eateries is encyclopedic, recently told me that the funky K Street Convenience shop is in her regular lunch rotation, my interest was piqued.Mara Severin

Barrow resident Lillian Nageak and her granddaughter, Michelle Kaleak, talk about how they prepare bowhead whale to be eaten -- and the excitement of the spring subsistence season.

Marc Lester
 Everything is under $8, and some are probably already on your radar (if you haven’t been eating at Ray’s Place since you were born, you might as well start now).Riza Brown
Alaska from Scratch: Break out your cast-iron skillet, grab a pound of your favorite fajita protein, slice some bell peppers and onions, and sizzle it all together in the pan with this irresistible seasoning mix.Maya Wilson
April 15 is traditionally the income tax filing deadline. While that was adjusted this year, it’s generally not a well-loved day. Unless you’re a fan of Alaska seafood.Steve Edwards
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