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At the roadside restaurants of my youth, the potatoes were likely to be instant and the meat likely to be on the well-done side. Not at City Diner, where the menu contains not just fresh ingredients but creative twists on the (stereo)typical greasy spoon menu. Donna Freedman

But that’s because I’m a New Jersey expatriate who still yearns for those sometimes sketchy-looking Jersey dives. No matter how unappealing their exteriors, they could produce everything from a simple English muffin and coffee to a full-on, meat-heavy meal. Which brings me to the "signature carving board" at the City Diner.


Donna Freedman
Alaska’s growing shellfish farming industry could be in trouble if it can’t overcome increasing ocean acidification, according to a new report published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. Erica Martinson
Since the Fourth of July falls on Saturday, a quick trip to a local farmers market can put the freshest ingredients on your picnic or barbecue table.Steve Edwards
Preserving history, preserving food and more. Mike Dunham
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