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Sarah Bean of Arctic Organics used the “F word” when talking about what’s going on at some Valley farms. Yep -- it's frost. Steve Edwards
I am no longer excluded from the roasted tomato party, and neither are the rest of you.Maya Evoy
Yana Gilbuena is on a mission to cook 50 Filipino feasts in all 50 states in 50 weeks. The five-course meal in Anchorage was a delicious adventure. Food was heaped in a pile on the banana leaves (“don’t eat them,” Gilbuena joked), in the middle of the table and everyone dug in, family style.Shannon Kuhn
The last few times I’ve returned home to Mountain Village, it’s been mainly in the winter months. This year, I made a decision to go home to go berry picking for my 85-year-old grandmother, Maria, who is elderly and disabled, and not so mobile anymore.Trina Landlord

Alaska groan: Produce from Mat-Su farms is rare at state fair food stands

August 28, 2014 - 6:56pm -- mdent
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Food & Drink
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Loren Holmes / Alaska Dispatch News

Just a few of the nearly 70 food vendors at the Alaska State Fair this year build their menus around locally grown, fresh produce -- despite the Matanuska Valley’s farm colony roots and a two-year Alaska Grown campaign to get more veggies from nearby fields and other local products into booths. 

The giant vegetables at the Alaska State Fair may be the closest some visitors get to locally grown produce, given the scarcity of farm-fresh offerings at food booths. Zaz Hollander


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