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The menu is a nostalgic representation of old-school Italian cookery -- nothing reinvented or deconstructed here. Creamy pastas, a whole section devoted to scampi and red meat are all represented. It’s a pretty impressive menu right down to the impressive prices. Mara Severin
For those who want to put an Alaska twist on any Valentine’s Day plans – there are plenty of options at the local stores and markets.Steve Edwards

It’s not every day that the executive chef of South Restaurant + Coffeehouse finds himself under the instruction of another chef in his own kitchen.

Tara Young,Suzanna Caldwell
South Restaurant + Coffeehouse is trying something different with a new chef stopping by once a month to cook shoulder to shoulder with the restaurant's executive chef.Suzanna Caldwell
This chorizo and red lentil soup is thick, meaty and full of deep, spicy flavor.Maya Wilson
 You generally won’t see anyone run away from a dozen Toll House cookies, unless they’re trying to lose weight. In that case, go with flowers. Donna Freedman
Trendy bone broth is on the rise, and Alaska businesses are capitalizing with their own fishy versions.Suzanna Caldwell
Citing high remodeling costs, Sourdough Mining Company is closing for good after 32 years in business.Suzanna Caldwell
A good, homemade sloppy Joe sandwich is on of those go-to meals that spans the decades and appeals to eaters of all ages.Maya Wilson
A warmer serrano or jalapeño works best for that satisfying adrenaline rush specific to heat seekers. Kim Sunée
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