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Alaska’s growing shellfish farming industry could be in trouble if it can’t overcome increasing ocean acidification, according to a new report published in the scientific journal PLOS ONE. Erica Martinson
Since the Fourth of July falls on Saturday, a quick trip to a local farmers market can put the freshest ingredients on your picnic or barbecue table.Steve Edwards
Preserving history, preserving food and more. Mike Dunham
Some diners judge an eatery by the quality of the view. By that standard, the GoldStar Dining Room, aka the dining car on the Alaska Railroad, must be one of the finest restaurants on the planet, at least for those who are willing to forgo an extended menu for the sake of the scenery.Mike Dunham
When the time came to whip up a batch of granola, I knew that this peanut butter granola sweetened with honey would be a big hit with everyone in the house. It was barely out of the oven before there were little hands in the kitchen reaching for nibbles of still-warm peanut butter granola.Maya Evoy
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