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While summer is upon us, it's not too early to think about preserving some of the season's bounty for the coming winter.Steve Edwards
Seafood lovers can breathe a sigh of relief. The state has increased the number of Alaska fish species that are safe to eat every day, even by pregnant women and small children, based on expanded research.Kyle Hopkins
 There is more to rhubarb than pie, as these rhubarb-spiked summer coolers show. Shannon Kuhn
I usually make the run to Fairbanks with a cooler full of sandwiches and snacks. But now that I looked at it, I grew curious about restaurants along the way and decided that on my return trip I would eat at some of the places I’ve passed a hundred times but never eaten at.Mike Dunham
The past two summers, we’ve had a friend from the Lower 48 living with us and working as a commercial fisherman. His favorite pizza has always been barbecue chicken. He requests it every time he comes to visit, and since he’s here for the summer, I’ll be making it several times. Maya Evoy
Italian dishes and seafood at Fletcher's in the Hotel Captain Cook add up to pub-style dining with a side of old-Anchorage glamour. But diners here better like bacon. Victoria Barber


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