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Duane Clark of Country Health Foods will have a few cuts of goat with him this week at the Center Market at the Mall at Sears. Steve Edwards
Now and then, I’ll find myself standing at the kitchen table, squeezing whitefish or sheefish with a cheesecloth. I’ve found it easier than by hand, and I’m sure Mom would crack a comment.Laureli Ivanoff
Using a hot cast-iron skillet caramelizes the carrots on the outside and brings out their natural earthiness and sweetness. Maya Evoy
As an immigrant, it's easy to feel isolated when you don't know the language and the customs of the country. ESL teacher Jenifer Rogers hopes to counter that by getting people cooking together.Shannon Kuhn
 I like a kinder, gentler type of sweet. Perhaps that’s why I’m a pie kind of girl. So I was excited to try A Pie Stop, the specialty shop/cafe located in the strip mall behind City Diner.Mara Severin
Mara Severin
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