If each poem in the latest issue of AQR is partly an answer to the question “What the hell is poetry, anyway?” there are six wildly unique responses from poets with a connection to Alaska. Eva Saulitis
Short looks at "Saloons, Prostitutes and Temperance in Alaska Territory" and "Charlie and the Blanket Toss."Kathleen Macknicki
This week: Author Glen Klinkhart and translator Andrea Gregovich speak; Anchorage Symphony showcases works for winds; and Yup'ik spellers compete. Mike Dunham
Food and what we do with it help define who we are, no matter our culture. In the book’s introduction, Atkan Crystal Stetzof Dushkin says, “Traditional foods are important because traditional foods are one of the last things that we have left to remind us what it means to be Unangax.”Nancy Lord
A rare summer cruise to hard-to-reach Aleutian battlefields has sold out, but organizers hope to make a second trip if enough takers can be found.Mike Dunham
The author's knowledge of the terrain and climate make the difference. A sea kayaker and backcountry explorer himself, Paul Greci has spent ample time in Prince William Sound. He knows the plant, animal and sea life.David A. James
The author behind the James Abel pseudonym is Bob Reiss, an accomplished New York-based journalist and author who has spent considerable time in the Arctic, including a trip on the icebreaker Healy. In 2012 he published the well-regarded “The Eskimo and the Oil Man."Nancy Lord
The Alaska Design Forum is bringing up Robert Wong, co-founder and chief executive officer of Google Creative Lab. Mike Dunham
At the time of his death in 1978, Fred Meyer had five successful “one-stop shopping centers” in Alaska, part of a retail empire that included 59 other stores in three other western states. Scott McMurren
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