Anchorage author Lee Goodman has followed his auspicious debut with another book starring the same federal prosecutor, Nick Davis, in what we can only hope will be a continuing series.Nancy Lord
Rosemary McGuire and a few other authors are creating a long-absent, distinctively northern literary fiction tradition for Alaska. They’re fashioning stories where the land and sea are paramount factors, their scale leaving human endeavors all the more hopeless. David A. James
Saturday will mark the 80th anniversary of the death of humorist Will Rogers in a plane crash near Barrow. The former director of the Will Rogers museum in Oklahoma is making a pilgrimage to the site and hopes to meet relatives of the people who brought word of the tragedy to the town.Mike Dunham
If the point of running with the bulls is to awaken the masculine spirit through peril, I can think of much more effective methods. For example, while Milligan counts 15 men who have died during the running of the bulls since 1924, Himalayan mountaineering has claimed more than 900 lives since 1950. BASE jumping and big-wave surfing are both far deadlier than bull running.John Keilman
A Silver Star soldier turned tattoo artist is the subject of a one-day photo exhibit exploring the emotional and spiritual connection between him and his clients.Mike Dunham
In the coming decades, the Western Flyer would participate in a series of fisheries that first boomed and then abruptly collapsed in no small part due to being exploited by humans who couldn’t grasp what John Steinbeck and Ed Ricketts told them. David A. James
Author, reporter and now playwright Lael Morgan recalls the wild town she drove into in 1959.Mike Dunham
“Rhythm of the Wild” is a wide-ranging book that’s equal parts personal memoir, political polemic, wilderness observations and plea for environmental stewardship. It follows a trajectory I saw in myself and many of the people I worked with in Denali National Park. David A. James
Robin McLean supported herself as a potter for years, working in Alaska's backwoods and hawking her wares to shops around the state. Her first book of short stories has won a major national award and she's back on a book tour that owes a lot to her pottery days.Mike Dunham
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