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A wide-ranging biography of the fascinating and ultimately self-defeating life of Nikolai Rezanov, "Glorious Misadventures" presents the context in which Alaska was settled and the reasons the region ultimately failed to give Russia a greater presence as a world power.David A. James
Reading the North features "The Spaces Between: Stories From the Kenai Mountains to the Kenai Fjords" by Doug Capra and "The Aleut Internments of World War II" by Russell W. Estlack.Kathleen Macknicki
Libraries and fires. They don’t usually go together. But on this occasion, the pairing was intentional. In the kickoff to Homer’s Big Read, the book being celebrated was Ray Bradbury’s “Fahrenheit 451.”Nancy Lord
When it comes to Alaska aviation histories, exciting isn't always best, and longtime Bush pilot Jack Jefford proved it with his memoir "Winging It!" The book is a straightforward history full of dry wit and an emphasis on safety over bravado, and something of an overlooked classic.Colleen Mondor
The Arctic and Antarctic photographs are stunning and slowly reveal a world both timeless and rapidly changing. Most -- but not all -- depict the waters around Svalbard to the north and Antarctica to the south. For those who will never visit these regions, they reveal an area of the world humanity has scantly touched yet is actively reshaping from afar.David A. James
James Patterson has written more New York Times best-sellers than anyone else. He reportedly earned $90 million last year. And now he's shared some of those earnings -- and his passion for books and independent bookstores -- with Palmer's own Fireside Books.  Zaz Hollander
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