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OPINION: In her rush to decry Christians as hypocrites and bigots, Ms. Patkotak engages in hypocrisy and bigotry herself, insulting the very people who are doing the most good in this situation.Egan Millard
OPINION: What happens during the hours between school and home can have a dramatic impact on a child’s future. By providing access to positive, productive programs and caring adult mentors after school and during summer, we can help change the future for our youth, our community and our country.Alana Humphrey
OPINION: Candidate for governor Bill Walker says Exxon -- with a long history of blocking a gas line -- tries to intimidate Alaskans to vote its way on oil taxes. Bill Walker
OPINION: Herb Schroeder, founder of the Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program, argues that oil company contributions and all the employment and opportunity merit a No vote on Ballot Measure One.Herb Schroeder
LETTERS: Readers duck and weave to try landing their own blows in a duel between columnists.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Craig Medred's latest misunderstanding qualifies for a job in the Parnell administration.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Despite what Shannyn Moore thinks, Ben Mohr and Tom Maloney are people who deeply believe in helping Alaska, and they deserve more than cheap shots.Jeff Landfield
OPINION: Lynden chief Jim Jansen says his years in the Alaska transportation business inform his decision to vote No on One.Jim Jansen
OPINION: Those in favor of saving SB21 from a referendum rest their position on fallacies; Alaskans will suffer higher taxes if we don't repeal the tax cuts.Joe Mehrkens
OPINION: After decades of failed attempts to provide security and hope to America's seniors and vulnerable people, the establishment of Medicare and Medicaid wasn’t just health care reform, it was a turning point in our nation’s history. Susan Johnson


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