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OPINION: State Sen. Bert Stedman argues that SB 21 falls more than $1 billion short of meeting the "prudent man" rule.Bert Stedman
OPINION: Alaskans do have a way to force big money and out-of-state interest groups out of their elections: The People's Pledge. Every candidate should take it.Sam Dunham
OPINION: It's time we realized that prohibition of substances people want to use badly enough simply doesn’t work. It was a failed policy with alcohol in the 1920s and it’s a failed policy now with marijuana.Elise Patkotak
OPINION: In my professional experience, the passage of SB 21 has triggered more capital investment in Alaska's North Slope, and that's key to continued prosperity.Jonathan Katchen
OPINION: Because Alaska is having a good-faith disagreement as to how best to proceed with resource development, voters should repeal and force lawmakers to draft a better bill.Robin Brena
OPINION: No matter the topic, it's more important to find the right answers than win the debates.Mike Dingman
OPINION: The president of Planned Parenthood Northwest says people shouldn't be fooled to think the Supreme Court's Hobby Lobby decision will have no impact on women's health.Chris Charbonneau
OPINION: Commercial fishing at the tail end of a run in Bristol Bay means dealing with 'ghost salmon', carcasses of fish that couldn't make it upriver and linger to wreak smelly havoc for net minders. When ghosts outnumber live fish, it's time to head home.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: Vitriol, spin and a sense of entitlement keep Cook Inlet fishermen at war and solutions at bay. Craig Medred
OPINION: Anchorage neurosurgeon  Robert Lieberson argues that Obamacare is working, and that we shouldn't let politics get in the way of more progress.  Robert Lieberson


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