Two Anchorage men were critically injured when a small plane flying over the Iron Dog snowmachine race crashed near Rainy Pass Lodge on Alaska's Iditarod Trail.Colleen Mondor
The pilot of a plane that crashed into Lynn Canal this month with his wife, son and a family friend aboard said there is no hero in their story of survival. "Everyone who was involved did their role, and they did it with excellence,” he said.Karen Garcia | Chilkat Valley News
Point MacKenzie could be the location of a new floatplane base in the Valley, even as some press for more access at Talkeetna. Zaz Hollander
NTSB interviews with the pilot of plane crash outside of Haines last week shows that fuel gauges were at zero before the plane's engine failed mid-flight. But the pilot thought the gauges were misreading his fuel, which he checked before take off.Suzanna Caldwell
A pilot and his passenger were rescued from a landing strip near Skwentna on Saturday after their airplane flipped, leaving them stranded in a foot of snow, the Alaska State Troopers said.Michelle Theriault Boots
As the Federal Aviation Administration lumbers toward regulations for recreational drones, Alaska pilots say the combination of low-altitude small planes and few rules now could spell disaster.Zaz Hollander
The four people on board a plane that crashed in Lynn Canal north of Juneau Wednesday who swam to shore have been identified as Haines residents by Alaska State Troopers.Chris Klint
A privately owned Cessna 180 headed to Haines from Juneau crashed into Lynn Canal on Wednesday afternoon after its engine died, the Coast Guard said. Megan Edge
Computer problems that delayed about 30 Alaska Airlines flights overnight were resolved by Thursday morning without any flight cancellations, the airline said.Mark Thiessen | Associated Press
A Taiwanese woman who gave birth on a flight to the U.S. in what might have been an attempt to give her baby American citizenship could face a hefty bill for forcing the pilot to divert the plane to Anchorage.Ralph Jennings | Associated Press
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