Two Anchorage men were critically injured when a small plane flying over the Iron Dog snowmachine race crashed near Rainy Pass Lodge on Alaska's Iditarod Trail.Colleen Mondor
As more and more commercial fishermen turned to aircraft to spot fish and gain an edge on their competitors, the skies above Alaska's most popular fishing spots grew dangerous. Colleen Mondor
A man flying his drone caused quite a stir among residents of one Eagle River neighborhood this week after police received reports that the device had been spotted following children.Sean Doogan
For decades, the Army served people across Interior Alaska with medical evacuations and search-and-rescue flights, a practice that ended in 2008 because of the Iraq War. Starting April 1, Army helicopter crews recently back from Afghanistan will once again be making life-saving flights across the Interior.Dermot Cole
The Semisopochnoi Volcano in the Aleutian Islands has been especially active in the last few days, prompting the U.S. Geological Survey to upgrade its aviation code to yellow and its alert level to "advisory."Megan Edge

A midflight marriage proposal Wednesday, March 18, 2015, left an Alaska Airlines flight attendant so speechless she almost forgot to say yes.


Laurel Andrews
A United Airlines flight from Anchorage to Chicago made an emergency landing in Fargo, North Dakota after a woman experienced a medical emergency, local officials said. Few details were immediately available, but the plane was stranded in Fargo because its onboard medical oxygen supply was depleted treating the woman, said authorities.Associated Press
Russian military flights near Alaska have taken a "slight uptick," say Alaska NORAD officials, who characterized the Russian flights as non-provocative training missions.Sean Doogan
The NTSB this week released a final report on a November 2013 plane crash on Alaska's North Slope, citing not only pilot error but also company procedures and inadequate FAA oversight as causes of the accident.Colleen Mondor
For those who may be out of the loop, here are few things Alaska pilots should know in the coming weeks, including Inspection Authorization renewal seminars, a meeting for owners of de Havilland Beavers and Otters, and the completion of the aviation weather camera network.Colleen Mondor
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