In the last few years, researchers with UAF have drilled at Pilgrim Springs, looking for the hottest spots amid the steaming pools and snowless fields. They and others with private firms and the state are trying to determine if Pilgrim's energy might be a source of geothermal power for Alaska.Ned Rozell
Backers of the proposed Pebble mine aren't done fighting the Environmental Protection Agency, environmental activists, fishing groups and others to keep the massive proposed gold and copper mine alive. Erica Martinson
The first successful captive rearing of Arctic cod is revealing important information about a species that spends critical parts of its life beneath Arctic ice, scientists say. Yereth Rosen
As a result of a changing climate, new species of fish, insects and plants are sprouting up in remote areas across the state. That’s one of the transformations noted in a new climate and health assessment report released by the Alaska Native Tribal Health Consortium last month.Jillian Rogers
The University of Alaska Fairbanks says its drinking water is safe, but recent tests showed it exceeds federal limits for chemicals formed when chlorine interacts with organic material in the water, known as "trihalomethanes," by 19 percent.Dermot Cole
A new study tackles the question of how rising temperatures can change the activity of microorganisms in the Arctic. The study focuses on methane production rather than carbon dioxide — an important issue to understand because of methane's potency.Chelsea Harvey | The Washington Post
A petition filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission seeks an investigation into Shell financial reports that critics say gloss over risks to investors from offshore Arctic drilling.Yereth Rosen
Denali National Park and Preserve's wolf numbers have reached a new low this spring with an estimated population of just 48, according to a National Park Service study.Associated Press
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