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To get the carbon dioxide out of the air and down to the ice sheet, Beget proposes seeding the air over central Antarctica with monoethanolamine, a compound industry workers use to capture carbon dioxide before it exits smokestacks.Ned Rozell
For the second time this week and the third time since late August, a magnitude 5 earthquake rattled the Fairbanks area Thursday morning, originating near Minto about 10 miles below ground on an unmapped fault.Dermot Cole
The Ebola outbreak is centered thousands of miles away, but that hasn't prevented some Alaska residents from showing psychological symptoms.Megan Edge
Sunspot region AR 2192 might be about to light up the atmosphere over Alaska. Lovers of the aurora borealis should cross their fingers and hope for clear skies.Craig Medred

Photos: Viewing the partial solar eclipse at UAA

October 23, 2014 - 3:23pm -- mdent
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Marc Lester / Alaska Dispatch News

UAA students and staff gathered on campus this afternoon to view a partial solar eclipse. The event was hosted by the UAA Planetarium, which provided telescope views and protective glasses for safe sun-gazing.

UAA students and staff gathered in front of the ConocoPhillips Integrated Sciences building to view a partial solar eclipse.

Marc Lester


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