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The U.S. Bureau of Ocean Energy Management said Tuesday it is launching an environmental study of possible oil and gas leasing in federal waters of Cook Inlet, a marine area that has drawn little industry interest in the past.Yereth Rosen
Seismologists say a moderate earthquake struck the Alaska Interior about 4:36 p.m. Monday, centered about 40 miles northwest of Fairbanks and felt in several communities. No damage or injuries were reported.Associated Press
Once a Saturday morning TV fixture, Bill Nye has become a high-profile advocate not only for science education, but also for important geopolitical issues. On Monday, Nye will share his thoughts on those issues and more at West High School in Anchorage.Vikram Patel
Final of four columns of walking UAF's North Campus in different seasons, engaging the senses to share the wonders of my Alaska backyard. Ned Rozell

An airborne study conducted by two federal agencies looks at Alaska's Tanana Valley State Forest from above to help scientists learn more about forest fire recovery.

Alaska Dispatch News
The state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corporation has launched a new plan to use $21 million in a state capital appropriation as an incentive to attract new business to the Kodiak rocket range.Dermot Cole
Ocean waters are getting more acidic, spelling trouble for shell-bearing fish, corals and the ecosystems that depend on them, but federal agencies have lagged in their efforts to understand the problem and respond to it, said an investigative report issued Tuesday by the GAO.Yereth Rosen
Scientists researching the severe decline in Alaska’s Steller sea lion population have a fingered a new possible suspect for the drop: Pacific sleeper sharks, a species previously thought of as a scavenger and fish-eater.Dan Joling
In a few months, the ice-classed research vessel Sikuliaq, owned by the National Science Foundation, will be equipped with about a half dozen Arctic Native ice testing sticks as part of the ship’s safety outfit.Jenn Ruckel
Paralytic shellfish poisoning, typically reported to affect humans, has been identified as the cause of death for multiple Kittlitz's murrelet chicks that died on Kodiak Island.Megan Edge


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