Huge, wind-whipped waves were crashing onto the beach at Barrow, forcing the closure of a road, the National Weather Service reported Thursday. Yereth Rosen,Alex DeMarban
With an influx of Arctic researchers launching weather balloons, drones and sensor-equipped projectiles, the Federal Aviation Administration is designating a new aviation "warning area" above the Beaufort Sea stretching north of Prudhoe Bay.Asaf Shalev
Scientists hope President Obama's visit to Alaska and a high-level conference focusing on climate will help people in southern latitudes understand why the quickly warming Arctic is important to the rest of the world.Yereth Rosen
The U.S. Arctic Research Commission is delving into health issues affecting far north populations, and mental health is at the forefront of the discussion.Yereth Rosen
Small mammals such as shrews, voles, mice and lemmings will likely shift their distribution across Alaska in coming decades as the climate warms, with some species gaining ground and others losing out, a new study says.Yereth Rosen
Federal agencies are stepping in to shield a North Slope village from the possibility of a deluge of international attention should a large walrus haulout develop nearby, as it has in years past.Kamala Kelkar
This is not Henry Allen's Tanana River. Nor is it the Trail River of people living here thousands of years before the 19th century government explorer struggled his way down the Tanana. But it seems close.Ned Rozell
In case thousands of walruses haul out again this year on the shores of Point Lay, the town is taking a proactive step to ensure that they are protected from the glare of international media attention.Carey Restino
NOAA said Thursday it was classifying the deaths of 30 whales in the Gulf of Alaska as an "unusual mortality event," a move that will prompt a more focused expert investigation.Yereth Rosen

President Barack Obama will visit Anchorage Aug. 31 to join a State Department-sponsored conference on the Arctic, the White House said last month. 


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