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New research finds that reduced ice cover is stimulating a new phenomenon in the Arctic -- extra blooms of phytoplankton occurring in the fall, just before freeze-up, in addition to the usual springtime blooms.Yereth Rosen
A series of aftershocks continued Sunday near Fairbanks, initiated by a magnitude-5.1 temblor that rattled the Interior Alaska city just after 7 p.m. Saturday.Ben Anderson

Archaeologists are unearthing a trove of material -- and knowledge of the past -- from an ancient Yup’ik settlement in Southwest Alaska. 

Erik Hill,Lisa Demer
On the eroding Bering Sea coast of far Western Alaska, archaeologists from around the world are unearthing remnants of an ancient Yup’ik village frozen in place for hundreds of years.Lisa Demer

Thousands of sandhill cranes gather at the Creamer's Field Migratory Waterfowl Refuge in the fall before their migration south from Fairbanks. After feeding on mature barley planted at the former dairy, cranes fly off to marshy areas to roost for the night.

Bob Hallinen
North Slope ravens have forced one researcher to go incognito so she can get closer to the birds to determine why they live in such a harsh climate. Ned Rozell
While the Pentagon begins to pick up the pieces from a rocket explosion Monday, the failure to launch also raises new questions about the future of the state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corp.Dermot Cole
The equipment, installed in Barrow, will be able to detect Alaska earthquakes, as well as magnitude 5 earthquakes from around the world.Jillian Rogers
Abrupt shifts in temperature or winds, fierce downpours and prolonged periods of unusually hot and dry weather are some of the conditions that correlated with human health problems, according to research being conducted by University of Alaska scientists.Yereth Rosen


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