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Shelters in Gambell, Savoonga, St. Michael open doors, while Golovin worries about prospect of evacuation if major flooding damages much of town's infrastructure.  Jill Burke,Craig Medred
Chevron had been asking Canadian regulators for an exception to a rule requiring relief well capabilities, but dropped those requests, saying it no longer planned to drill in the EL 481 block, some 155 miles northwest of Tuktoyaktuk, Northwest Territories.Yereth Rosen
A Huffington Post piece traces the efforts of Shishmaref to relocate -- something which has yet to happen, 12 years after the community first voted to move -- and asks whether that communities struggles predict trouble for the rest of us.Alaska Dispatch News
A New Yorker review of "The Poem She Didn't Write and Other Poems," from Anchorage's Olena Kalytiak Davis, praises the work, and suggests an Anchorage influence -- though maybe not the one you were expecting.Alaska Dispatch News
The Atlantic breaks down Alaska marijuana laws in illustrated form.Suzanna Caldwell
In an interview with the Huron Plainsman in South Dakota, incoming Alaska State Fair general manager Jerome Hertel talks about his time leading South Dakota's fair.Zaz Hollander
New anthropological research links early human settlements in North America with a band of kelp forests that stretch from Japan to California, by way of Alaska's Pacific coastline.Alaska Dispatch News
Rules that require federally funded transportation infrastructure projects to use American-manufactured materials appear to apply to a $15 million dollar Alaska Marine Highway System terminal replacement planned for Prince Rupert, British Columbia -- a situation that's prompted a backlash in Canada.Alaska Dispatch News
New research from a team led by the Yukon Territory's chief paleontologist suggest that northern mastodons died out from cold much earlier than previously thought, rather than at the hands of human hunters.Alaska Dispatch News
Armed with high-tech tags that relayed information to satellites -- what one researcher called "autopsies from space" -- scientists have found tantalizing clues that suggest an unexpected answer to the puzzle of what's killing Prince William Sound sea lions.Alaska Dispatch News


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