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Shelters in Gambell, Savoonga, St. Michael open doors, while Golovin worries about prospect of evacuation if major flooding damages much of town's infrastructure.  Jill Burke,Craig Medred
Cook Inlet Tribal Council President and CEO Gloria O’Neill and E-Line Media founder and President Alan Gershenfeld spoke to in an interview about "Never Alone: Kisima Ingitchuna," the ground-breaking video game the two organizations produced based on Alaska Native culture.Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska Sen. Lisa Murkowski told an NPR reporter that a volcano in Iceland is releasing "a thousand years' worth" of human emissions. But that figure is "simply untrue" a climate expert countered.Alaska Dispatch News
A Canadian-led effort will seek to find the best solutions to the problem of suicide among indigenous youth in circumpolar regions, including Alaska, according to a Canadian Press report.Alaska Dispatch News
A handful of polls in the Alaska race for U.S. Senate out late last week and early this week showed numbers unexpectedly favorable to incumbent Democrat Sen. Mark Begich, but polling site FiveThirtyEight argues some skepticism is in order.Alaska Dispatch News
A recently discovered microbe from thawing Arctic permafrost could have a key role in how global warming plays out, according to research published in the journal Nature and reported at Dispatch News
A genetic adaptation that researchers believe helped circumpolar Inuit populations live on a fat-heavy diet may also contribute some health risks under different conditions, according to a study published in the American Journal of Human Genetics and reported in NunatsiaqOnline, a Nunavut news outlet.Alaska Dispatch News
A Russian radar installation with prefabricated modules on Wrangel Island has started operations, ITAR-TASS reported Tuesday, with a contractor presenting a symbolic key to the site.Alaska Dispatch News
Officials in the Canadian territory still aren't sure what caused the bear that killed 42-year-old Claudia Huber after crashing through the window of her home to behave so aggressively, reports said.Alaska Dispatch News
Some Nunavut leaders are pushing for a ban on selling caribou meat on social media as herds in the region decline, reports CBC.Alaska Dispatch News


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