Alaska Militias

Former DropZone owner Bill Fulton has disappeared from Anchorage, quite possibly under witness protection. Turns out the military surplus store's new owner wants a little separation from the business's notorious past.Craig Medred
Federal agents seized suspected explosives, firearms and ammo, body armor, a "booby trap device," a diagram of a judge's courtroom and more during the raid of a Salcha couple's home.Jill Burke
Search warrant affidavits made public in federal court give new insight into the alleged conspiracy to kill judges and cops. Jill Burke,Patti Epler
Cox has argued that state and federal courts hold no authority over him and told a broadcaster last fall that Fairbanks was on the edge of "blood in our streets."Eric Christopher Adams
Drop Zone owner William Fulton hasn't been seen since a few days after Fairbanks militia members were busted on conspiracy charges.Craig Medred,Patti Epler,Jill Burke
Four members of the Alaska Peacemakers Militia are being held without bail on a variety of charges connected to an alleged plot to kill a federal judge and multiple. Alaska State Troopers.Craig Medred
Four Fairbanks-area residents now face federal charges for allegedly conspiring to kill a relative of a state judge and an IRS employee.Craig Medred
Former Senate candidate Joe Miller disputes a recent report that he is or was "a close friend and associate" of Schaeffer Cox, the militia leader arrested in Fairbanks recently.Craig Medred
Schaeffer Cox, 26, was scheduled to stand trial for a misdemeanor weapons charge Monday but didn't show.Craig Medred
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