Alaska Militias

The attorney for a militia member accused in an anti-government death plot says he'll stay mum -- but not before getting in a last word of his own.Jill Burke
How much is too much for an attorney to say outside the courtroom when a criminal case has yet to go to trial? According to prosecutors, the less attorneys talk, the better.Jill Burke
Con man turned mole: How convicted swindler Gerald "J.R." Olson landed a dangerous assignment to save his own skin.Jill Burke
Defendant Michael Anderson has successfully made an evidence-tampering charge go away. He and others hope it's the start of a trend to erode the state's cases. And as the court fights wage on, they want out of jail -- now.Jill Burke
Contrary to the nice guy image portrayed by his defense team, federal prosecutors say Coleman Barney -- accused in an alleged, militia-inspired murder scheme -- is too dangerous to be released on bail.Jill Burke
Is Coleman Barney dangerous? Prosecutors say yes, calling him a member of an armed militia engaged in righteous "holy war." But "there is no evidence he is some sort of right wing nut," says Barney's attorney.Jill Burke
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