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Sprint musher John Erhart of Tanana came from behind Saturday to win the 36th edition of the Koyukuk River Race.Alaska Dispatch News

Race leading mushers arrive in Unalakleet along the Norton Sound coast on Sunday, March 15, 2015.

Alaska Dispatch News
Iditarod leaders were spread out along the trail Thursday as they settled into a variety of checkpoints to take the one mandatory 24-hour rest required along the trail. Who was really in the lead appeared unclear.Suzanna Caldwell and Craig Medred

Yuka Honda tells the story of her dog team getting tangled up on the Iditarod race trail, only to have four-time champion Jeff King come along and run over her sled, rendering it unusable. The incident happened at the beginning of the race, just before Nenana, but Honda managed to obtain another sled and continue along the trail.

Suzanna Caldwell
The Yukon River village with rich mushing history welcomes the Iditarod for only the second time in 43 years, with four-time champ Buser leading the way.Craig Medred
Boulding was a common name in sled dog racing during his peak in the 1990s. He won the Yukon Quest twice and placed in the Iditarod top 10 eight times over 13 races before retiring and selling most of his race dogs his last race in 2005.Suzanna Caldwell

Four-time Iditarod champion Martin Buser talks about the 2015 race and how the rerouted course might affect his and other mushers' strategy.

Loren Holmes and Suzanna Caldwell
There's an influx of award-winning mushers signed up for the 2015 Iditarod -- but maybe not the award you'd think. There are five former winners of the red lantern, the prize given to the last-place finisher, running this year's race. But it's a trophy that's hard earned.Suzanna Caldwell
The dog, a black husky mix named Stuart, belonged to the team of Colorado musher Lachlan Clarke. The dog broke loose Saturday morning on a trail in Campbell Tract and was hit by a car in Midtown Anchorage on Saturday evening.Devin Kelly

Trail doctors spread snow over ice, pavement for Anchorage's Iditarod ceremonial start

March 5, 2015 - 8:17am -- krestia
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The ceremonial start is important to the Iditarod for both image and financial reasons. So-called "Iditariders'' pay thousands of dollars each year in an auction for seats in the sleds of Iditarod mushers who drive their dog teams through the city.

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