Heather Lende

It's easy to get caught up in the debate and punditry of election season. But with the vote behind us and the holidays ahead, it's a good time to step back and reflect on what's really important.Heather Lende
You don't always bag a moose when you go hunting for one in Alaska. But if you make it all about the experience, every trip is worthwhile.Heather Lende
After one Southeast Alaska fisherman slipped and drowned on the Fourth of July, Haines gathered together and raised funds to purchase unique life preservers for the rest of the fleet.Heather Lende
In much of Alaska, some of the most memorable moments are those when you unexpectedly encounter a bear. What we don't think about, however, are how many times we're near a bear without even knowing.Heather Lende
A day at the equestrian events in the London Olympic games means hobnobbing with commoners and royalty alike for an Alaskan far from home.Heather Lende
The avalanche tragedy in Haines that killed one and injured another on Tuesday was a somber reminder that getting out and doing what you love often comes with certain risks.Heather Lende
Losing a pet is like losing a dear friend. How does someone adjust to a missing presence in a house, and how do you pay proper tribute?
The decision of what to do as the end nears for a beloved pet can make you ask bigger questions about what's fair or not, and even make you consider your own wishes.Heather Lende
The first annual Hospice of Haines "Light the Night" gathering was Friday, with luminarias set along the dark school track on a cold October evening, when the souls of the departed felt very close.Heather Lende
Whether you bag a moose or not, moose hunting can be a zen-like mini-vacation, living in the woods and just watching and listening to the world around you.Heather Lende
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