For a time, the Alaska Agricultural College and School of Mines consisted of a concrete cornerstone and nothing else. The University of Alaska celebrated the centennial of its most important stone Monday.Dermot Cole
OPINION: Celebration of diversity is fine, but let's not confuse celebration with genuine equality; the evidence is clear that we're not there yet.E.J.R. David
OPINION: Paul Jenkins misses the mark on racism, guns and grace. Wanda V. Laws
Readers weigh in on the day's pressing issues, from taxation of fishing to gay marriage and the proposed road between King Cove and Cold Bay.Alaska Dispatch News
Several months ago,  Margan Grover -- a field anthropologist and research associate at UAA -- asked the Alaska Department of Fish and Game if UAA could acquire several bear carcasses for its forensics class.Rick Sinnott
OPINION: If GOP lawmakers see the light on Medicaid expansion, they'll see a much-needed economic boost for Alaska.Rep. Les Gara
OPINION: Walker's recent decisions cast doubt on his leadership, shake Alaskans' trust.Suzanne Downing
OPINION: Delay of oil tax credits gains the state nothing and makes life harder for job-producing oil companies. Where's the sense in that?Paul Jenkins
OPINION: The Supreme Court decision isn't a declaration of war on conservative Christianity or any other religion. It's an extension of American freedom.Shannyn Moore
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers weigh in on current affairs.Alaska Dispatch News
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