Alaska Dispatch News readers sound off on the pressing topics of the day, from ISIS to the Capitol Christmas tree.Alaska Dispatch News
Get up. Get outdoors. Have a look around. Here's a list of even more family-friendly winter activities to enjoy.Jill Burke
OPINION: Challenge in building a sustainable budget for Alaska demands a spirit of cooperation and a fundamental agreement that doing nothing is not an option.Randy Hoffbeck,Scott Goldsmith
OPINION: Bill Walker has brought fresh air to the governor's office but his environmental record is hard to distinguish from Parnell's.Rick Steiner
A solid, sickening thump could be heard on impact, and left a motorcyclist wondering if her riding partner and husband was seriously hurt, or worse after a collision with an Alaska moose.Yonah Lempert Luecken
Readers weigh in on issues of the day.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Refugees' chances of becoming contributing members in a new society improve with a welcome willing to look past stereotypes.Steffi Kim
OPINION: No self-respecting alley cat would eat this monster, but salmon-salmon-eel gets FDA OK. Only Alaska wild gets a place at our table.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: Don't believe the spin coming from the mayor's allies on the Anchorage Assembly.Paul Jenkins
The blame for the furor that followed the extended lease on the Anchorage Legislative Information Office fell mostly on Rep. Mike Hawker, but other legislators are being too modest about their role and should have their names engraved on the Taj next to Hawker’s.Dermot Cole
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