Count on it, fellow Alaskans. A presidential visit like this may never happen again in your lifetime. (Thank God.)Libby Bakalar
LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers sound off on important issues in Alaska and beyond.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: The lawsuit to thwart Medicaid expansion is a nice gig for lawyers, but a waste of money for Alaskans.Rep. Andy Josephson
OPINION: Alaskans will pull together and make sacrifices, but it's hard take the hit when legislative majority leaders squander public money against Medicaid expansion.Marcelle McDannel
OPINION: As the Arctic Ocean opens, new opportunities and challenges emerge, and the U.S. focus on the Arctic grows. And Alaskans have a chance to make their voices heard.Adm. Robert J. Papp, Jr.
OPINION: Federal and state leaders should understand that climate change is a critical threat to the food security of the people who live in the Arctic and depend on the bounty of subsistence foraging, hunting and fishing.James Stotts
OPINION: China and the U.S. have an obligation and opportunity to work together on a range of cooperative issues to maintain the Arctic’s future as a peaceful, safe and secure region, as that new frontier opens.David Slayton,Lawson W. Brigham
Did a recently proposed regulation cancel out the state law passed in Ballot Measure 2 that allows adult Alaskans to give each other up to an ounce of cannabis?Scott Woodham
LETTERS: Readers weigh in briefly on current affairs at home and abroad.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: President Obama needs to recognize Alaska's reality and potential, and not see the state as background for environmental extremism.Rep. Don Young
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