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LETTERS: Alaska Dispatch News readers weigh in on challenges facing Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Chenault and Hawker's gas line bill puts other interests before Alaska's.Merrick Peirce
OPINION: Tanaina Child Development does much to help UAA students succeed, so why is the university kicking it out?Trina Musliu
OPINION: Labs are one of the most common working breeds. Alaska labradors have only a short waterfowl season. However, they can get out for grouse all winter. A low snow year like this one is good for working breeds. They are not limited by a heavy snow pack and can still work in the woods.John Schandelmeier
OPINION: With a little imagination and the right attitude, Alaskans can pretend it's spring even in early March. The Bird-to-Gird trail is virtually ice- and snow-free, and a Homer beach walk can be inviting this time of year.Alli Harvey
OPINION: In Alaska's villages, as in any community, the healing has to begin at home.Elise Patkotak
LETTERS: Readers hold forth on burning news topics as the legislature continues to meet in Juneau.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: To cut education funding now is a fool's savings. Alaskans should know better.Dr. James Johnsen
LETTERS: Readers write on a host of topics facing the Great Land.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Over the years I have observed fewer and fewer kids playing outdoors in Anchorage and outlying areas. And that bodes poorly for the future.Frank E. Baker
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