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OPINION: Raising the federal minimum wage would make a difference in the lives of 28 million people, including every single Alaska resident.Thomas E. Perez
OPINION: Columnist Shannyn Moore argues that the Mount Polley Mine disaster in British Columbia is just another reason that Pebble mine should never happen.Shannyn Moore
OPINION: A new study indicates that overuse of antibiotics is degrading our overall health. The best solution may not be trying to replace what we have sanitized out of us but rather to try not to mess so much with our bodies and diets in the first place.Carey Restino
OPINION: Alaska's two major-party candidates for U.S. Senate have very different records when it comes to issues close to Alaska Native voters.Heather Kendall-Miller,Lloyd Miller
LETTERS: Readers weigh in on police shootings, suggest the best use of an armored vehicle and warn that war weakens the economy. Alaska Dispatch News
In McCarthy, America’s favorite pastime was still befuddling foreigners trying to embrace it, and “liquid gladness” was still lubricating an evening’s entertainment. If Team 1 and Team 2 weren’t competitive the way the two towns used to be, they still represented some of the old McCarthy can-do, make-do free spirit. Nancy Lord
OPINION: Paul Jenkins argues that the left's portrayal of the villainous Koch brothers makes little impression in Alaska.Paul Jenkins
OPINION: Innocent Alaskans suffer by Parnell's veto of a bill to make some court records confidential.Sen. Fred Dyson
LETTERS: Too much Koch brothers, a thanks for Women's Equality Day, a call for a Walker-Mallott ticket, and doubts about Alaska Railroad herbicide spraying in Southeast Alaska.Alaska Dispatch News
OPINION: Millennials must resist the temptation to drop out of the political system, because we must fight for the things we care about.Forrest Dunbar


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