Richard Hunter, 34, was re-sentenced to 20 years for manslaughter Thursday in Anchorage, two years after the Alaska Court of Appeals threw out his original murder conviction. Alaska Dispatch News

The Music Machine prepares for upcoming performances August 5-8 at the Discovery Theatre to cap the summer workshop's 34th season. 

Mike Dunham
Joshua Almeda, 24, showed little emotion in an Anchorage courtroom Thursday as he admitted killing his girlfriend Breanna Moore last year. He pleaded guilty to second-degree murder, a charge that carries up to 99 years in prison.Jerzy Shedlock
Anchorage police are warning residents that loud noises may be heard Thursday near 26th Avenue and Eagle Street.Associated Press
The lead investigator in the Alano Club shooting that killed Anchorage teenager Alex Thanapong Yu asked for the public's help in providing information that may move the case forward.Laurel Andrews
The earthquake felt across Southcentral Alaska and into the Interior was unlike any to hit Cook Inlet in decades, the Alaska Earthquake Center said Wednesday. Laurel Andrews
A woman who went into cardiac arrest on a downtown street and died Tuesday had been picked up by the Anchorage Safety Patrol the day before. Megan Edge
With hidden camera videos of Planned Parenthood officials casually discussing donations of fetal tissue embroiling the organization, a rally in Anchorage Tuesday turned the focus to Alaska.Michelle Theriault Boots
Alan Michael Bartlett of Michigan was convicted in Anchorage federal court of setting up two fake companies claiming to help handicapped people in order to steal money.Jerzy Shedlock
Five yaks found wandering along Eagle River Road were recovered by their owners without incident Tuesday morning, according to Anchorage police.Suzanna Caldwell
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