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The Porcupine Caribou Herd could face difficulty in coming years if a trend of increased wildfires in northern Alaska and Canada continue to threaten the animals' wintertime food source of lichen, according to a new study.Yereth Rosen
Conservationists are urging Finland's Ministry of Agriculture to do more to protect critically endangered seals from fishing-net entanglements, and Swedish experts call for cuts in use of plastics to protect the ocean environment. YLE News and Radio Sweden
Complacency and resignation -- not denial from a small minority of "skeptics" -- may be the real impediments to action to combat climate. Irene Quaile, Deutsche Welle
A dozen residents of a remote Russian village have braved the Bering Strait to visit friends and relatives in Alaska. Gambell residents say the boat voyage is the first such international crossing in 14 years, reviving an ancient exchange program that was interrupted in the past century by world wars, cold wars and deadly seas.Kyle Hopkins
Alaska's bearded seals, animals with distinctive whiskers and a penchant for floating alone on pieces of drifting Arctic sea ice, were improperly granted threatened-species status in 2012 by the federal government, a judge ruled Friday Yereth Rosen
A well blowout, pipeline breach or vessel accident in the Canadian Beaufort Sea could spew spilled oil westward for months, polluting waters off Alaska and soiling habitat used by whales, seals and migrating seabirds, according to a study released Friday by the World Wildlife Fund.Yereth Rosen
A long-standing rule that aims to quash oil spills in Canada's Arctic -- and which is being eyed by U.S. officials as a potential model to follow -- is being challenged by oil companies exploring the area.Yereth Rosen
Tensions and economic restrictions could delay some multinational oil and gas projects in Russia's far north.Mia Bennett
Critics of the Tasman Metals project say they are worried about impacts to Lake Vättern, Sweden's second-largest lake.Radio Sweden
Finland's foreign minister says he agrees with the decision to expand the list of sanctioned individuals in Russia.  YLE News


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