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On the Kenai Peninsula, where visitors account for a 40 percent swell in the local economy each summer, a year of disappointing salmon runs means a bottom line that looks a little bleak for local businesses.Megan Edge
John A. Miscovich, an unlikely giant in the Alaska placer mining industry, invented the “Intelligiant,” a water cannon that changed the development of hydraulic gold mining, as well as firefighting, riot control and countless industrial applications that rely on high-pressure streams of water.Dermot Cole
A federal court Friday took away a big victory it had earlier handed to Southeast Alaska's logging and other industries active in Tongass National Forest.Pat Forgey
With no answers yet about why an Army rocket failed Monday in Kodiak, leaders of the state-subsidized Alaska Aerospace Corp. find themselves wrestling with the tricky question of public relations damage control. They're also wondering who will pay for the damage to the launch complex.Dermot Cole
The giant vegetables at the Alaska State Fair may be the closest some visitors get to locally grown produce, given the scarcity of farm-fresh offerings at food booths. Zaz Hollander
When the union members rejected a three-year contract agreed to by its negotiating team, it raised the threat of a strike, but Department of Administration Commissioner Curtis Thayer said they'll now be able to continue to use the expired contract while negotiating a new one. Pat Forgey
An Alaska Dispatch News analysis estimates the 2014 Permanent Fund dividend could be one of the highest ever paid out but will likely fall short of the record of $2,069 set in 2008.Alex DeMarban,Sean Doogan
Employees of the Southcentral Alaska natural gas utility have voted to end their strike after two weeks and return to work without a contract.Sean Doogan
State ferry unions are working without contracts as the Parnell administration tries to push down what it says are generous wages in the Alaska Marine Highway System. Tuesday, one ferry union's members approved a tentative contract, another was talking strike and a third was still in negotiations.Pat Forgey
While the Pentagon begins to pick up the pieces from a rocket explosion Monday, the failure to launch also raises new questions about the future of the state-owned Alaska Aerospace Corp.Dermot Cole


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