Three teachers and a university professor just completed GCI’s first summer program for teachers, designed to immerse them in the technology and economics of telecommunications in Alaska in order to help GCI develop its workforce.Lisa Demer
Air carrier PenAir plans to move even further beyond its core Southwest Alaska market with at least one new route based in the Pacific Northwest.Jeannette Lee Falsey

Commercial setnet salmon fishermen on Alaska's Kenai Peninsula are the target of a statewide ballot initiative that would eliminate their fishery. 

Suzanna Caldwell
Should salmonberries that carpet the tundra be packed into gallon Ziplocs for sale? What about salmon harvested under subsistence rules, not commercial ones? A debate is raging over the sale of traditional Alaska Native foods.Lisa Demer
Next summer in Juneau, the first seagoing electric-powered passenger vessel is due to launch. The E/V Tongass Rain is a 50-foot catamaran that can accommodate 47 passengers, powered by a hydroelectric power grid that includes a bank of lithium batteries. Laine Welch
Authorities moved protesters from a bridge and from the Willamette River on Thursday after they temporarily prevented a Royal Dutch Shell icebreaker from leaving dry dock and joining an Arctic oil-drilling operation.Hal Bernton, Evan Bush | The Seattle Times
ConocoPhillips said Thursday its Alaska operations remained profitable even while oil prices plunged over the last year.Pat Forgey
UAF officials say students will likely see more crowded classrooms and fewer duplicate offerings of required introductory courses.Associated Press
Looking further into the future, Shell is betting on offshore oil fields in Alaska, which chief executive Ben van Beurden described as having the potential to produce more energy than the biggest projects in the Gulf of Mexico.Danica Kirka | Associated Press
AEDC President and CEO Bill Popp says some businesses will be tightening their belts in the next few years, but no significant economic downturn is in sight for Alaska's largest city. Jeannette Lee Falsey
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