A mill on Prince of Wales Island was cleared to begin felling trees last week under a court ruling in the fight over a timber sale in Tongass National Forest. Jeannette Lee Falsey
While the Legislature voted 47-12 to confirm Randy Hoffbeck as revenue commissioner, the leaders of a Senate committee voted against him, with one asserting that an investment decision Hoffbeck made last month cost the state tens of millions of dollars. It's a claim he rejects.Dermot Cole
Formerly the Kodiak Launch Complex, the Pacific Spaceport Complex Alaska is looking to broaden its customer base and put a failed rocket launch in August of last year behind it.Roni Toldanes | Kodiak Daily Mirror
When most of us describe encounters with others with whom we conflict, we explain how we acted reasonably and the other person made life difficult for us. We leave certain facts out.Lynne Curry
With the clock ticking toward the Alaska Legislature’s planned midnight adjournment, there appeared to be little movement as of Sunday afternoon in the three-way state budget negotiations between Republicans in the House and Senate and the Democratic minority caucus in the House.Nathaniel Herz
Addressing concerns over his gas line proposal, Gov. Bill Walker says a project serving as a backup to AKLNG is needed in part to ensure the state isn't locked into a bad long-term deal with the oil industry. Alex DeMarban
Most people believe they have their homes and rental properties adequately insured against unforeseen disasters. The policy gaps are evident only when a problem occurs. Then you find out what is not covered.Barbara Ramsey,Clair Ramsey
As the Legislature inched toward its scheduled end Sunday, it was looking increasingly unlikely that Gov. Bill Walker's plan to expand Medicaid would pass.Nathaniel Herz
The latest jobless numbers show that Alaska’s economy is essentially stable despite low oil prices and looming cuts to state spending.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The Obama administration on Friday took the first formal steps to boost the royalties that energy companies must pay for oil and gas they pull from public lands, angering an industry already reeling from plummeting crude prices.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Hearst Newspapers
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