The National Transportation Safety Board reviewed the five-day fight to control the Kulluk before it grounded on an island, and its conclusions could heighten scrutiny of Shell’s plans to resume exploratory drilling in the Chukchi Sea this summer.Dan Joling | Associated Press
An appeals court dismissed a case Pebble Mine proprietors brought against the Environmental Protection Agency on Thursday, saying that since the agency hadn't taken a final action yet, the challenge was premature. Erica Martinson
A federal judge is scheduled to hear arguments Thursday in a case alleging that the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency worked with critics of the proposed Pebble mine with a predetermined goal to block the project.Becky Bohrer | Associated Press
Alaska Gov. Bill Walker toured a massive oil drill rig parked on Seattle's waterfront Wednesday before meeting with Gov. Jay Inslee to tell him that his position against Arctic offshore oil drilling could hurt Alaska's economy.Phuong Le | Associated Press
A ConocoPhillips project expected to produce oil late this year cleared a legal challenge after the U.S. District Court in Alaska approved a key permit. Alex DeMarban
Did this employee's boss promise a promotion and then go back on his word after the hard work was done? Or was the "promise" more a case of wishful thinking on the employee's part?Lynne Curry
With floodwaters falling sharply, roadwork to some 25 miles of damaged Dalton Highway has begun. State transportation officials don't know when the road to Deadhorse and some of the nation's largest oil fields will be reopened. Alex DeMarban
The United States has an ambitious agenda as leader of the Arctic Council and needs continued cooperation with Russia to carry it out, says the top U.S. Arctic official.Yereth Rosen
The Republican-led House majority caucus took a major step Tuesday to execute its plan to use the Alaska Permanent Fund to get access to money with which to balance this year's budget, but critics from both outside and inside the caucus have expressed concerns that the plan could threaten future dividend payments.Pat Forgey,Nathaniel Herz
The craft brewery has doubled its production capacity every year since 2011, the company says, making it the second biggest producer in the state. Laurel Andrews
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