Merrill Field is eyeing development of a green space it owns adjacent to the airport, and some in the community worry that new office buildings would jeopardize the neighborhood. Laurel Andrews
An independent company drilling for oil and gas in Cook Inlet is urging legislators to be cautious about changing the state's production tax credit system or risk killing off some projects.Alex DeMarban
The blame for the furor that followed the extended lease on the Anchorage Legislative Information Office fell mostly on Rep. Mike Hawker, but other legislators are being too modest about their role and should have their names engraved on the Taj next to Hawker’s.Dermot Cole
New to Alaska's Symphony of Seafood lineup next year is the category Beyond the Egg. It will include products such as herring roe on kelp, salmon caviar, and uni (urchin) paste or crème brulee.    Laine Welch
Natural gas from Canada is being looked at as the solution to high energy costs in Southeast Alaska, with a Lower 48 utility proposing to build a new gas distribution system for Juneau.Pat Forgey
Above-freezing weather in Southcentral Alaska this week turned many winter sports enthusiasts -- some planning to ignore Black Friday sales and spend the day outside -- into homebodies.Jeannette Lee Falsey
The world’s sockeye market is looking a little better than it did in the spring, but a recent report says there’s still more to be sold. A new trade agreement could offer a little help with that. Molly Dischner | Bristol Bay Times
Coffee and doughnuts were out for customers at The Higher Calling Club, which opened this week in a remodeled former wine bar downtown.The Associated Press
A proposed gold mine that would be the largest economic development project in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta moved a step forward with the release of a significant federal environmental review.Lisa Demer
With Dr. Marjorie Mau in her 50s, and just months after Dr. Ted Mala's retirement from a 40-year career in Alaska health care, the two are cherishing their time with their 6-month-old twins.Jill Burke
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