A report released Tuesday questions the fairness of the Environmental Protection Agency’s process that led to its pre-emptive decision to block a water discharge permit for the proposed Pebble mine in Alaska. Erica Martinson
I'm in rural Alaska, and my Anchorage-based supervisor has short-timer syndrome. And since I don't have the authority to approve trips or new hires, her negligence is really hurting my team.Lynne Curry
The deal, if approved by Congress, would phase out import tariffs and regulations that limit trade, and impose uniform labor and environmental requirements on 12 countries, which include Japan and Australia.Erica Martinson
A new report offers reasons why Alaska would benefit by buying pipeline builder TransCanada out of the Alaska LNG project, including that it would make an extra $7.4 billion over two decades of operation.Alex DeMarban
Moody's Investors Service on Monday highlighted Shell's decision to cease exploration in Arctic waters off Alaska as another setback on top of prolonged low oil prices, but the agency has not announced plans to change the state's positive credit rating.Jeannette Lee Falsey
Alaska Airlines offers a 20-minute guarantee for delivery of arriving passengers’ luggage – but it took a day to get airline CEO Brad Tilden his bag after a flight to Washington, D.C.Alaska Dispatch News
Alaska's investment earnings last year plunged by nearly 70 percent from the previous year's record earnings of $8 billion. The drop comes as state leaders are increasingly looking to use the Permanent Fund to pay for state government.Pat Forgey
Bristol Bay drift gillnet permits took the biggest hit after another huge sockeye run ran into a perfect storm of backlogged markets, depressed global currencies and record imports of foreign farmed fish. Bay fishermen were shocked to earn a base price of 50 cents a pound, down from $1.34 last summer. Laine Welch
Corporation spokeswoman Laura Achee said acting CEO Valerie Mertz did not apply for the permanent slot.Associated Press
The corporation's board plans to interview the candidates Wednesday. A decision could be made as early as that day.Associated Press
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