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Libya has tried, and largely failed, to chart a democratic course since 2011. Greece is sending ships to evacuate expats from Libya after the US and others closed their missions. John Thorne
Rep. Paul Ryan said the Obama administrations efforts to address climate change won't solve the problem but will hurt the US economy. He said new EPA rules are a classic example of executive branch overreach.Jared Gilmour
The US top diplomat isn't facing a war in his visit to the world's largest democracy. But he's got some serious repair work in the area of trust and cooperation, Indian analysts say. Chelsea Sheasley
This will not deliver the blow of its 2001 default. But analysts warn that no matter how you spin it, the default is likely to hurt an already faltering economy.Irene Caselli
Part 2 of 2: Russia has long been viewed with brotherly affection in eastern Ukraine. But some easterners are becoming disillusioned after seeing facts on the ground contrast with fictions in Russian media.Scott Peterson
Israel and Hamas have fought and come to an uneasy cease-fire four times in six years. What makes this round of fighting – and truce talks – different?Max Schindler
How do you like them apples? Polish social media users are sticking it to Russian President Vladimir Putin after Russia halted imports of Polish produce, ostensibly for quarantine reasons. Lydia Tomkiw
Until recently, the Arctic Ocean's central Beaufort Sea was ice-covered throughout the summer. But with a greater expanse of open water, scientists are tracking how waves and well-traveled swells could accelerate the loss of summer ice.Pete Spotts
A third gigantic hole has appeared in northern Russia, baffling scientists. Eva Botkin-Kowacki
Part 1 of 2: Though pro-Russia separatists have fled this eastern Ukrainian town, it still provides evidence how local populations and Russian leadership have entwined amid the rebellion.Scott Peterson


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