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Bill Pennington
Kurdish fighters and Iraqi security forces opened offensives Tuesday against Islamic State militants in several parts of northern Iraq, including a vital border crossing between Iraq and Syria and an area straddling a strategic highway to Baghdad, officials said.Kirk Semple
Julia Pierson, the director of the Secret Service, on Tuesday took full responsibility for an intruder who breached Secret Service security around the White House 11 days ago and evaded capture as he ran around the first floor of the mansion.Michael D. Shear
Facing historic drought conditions, California firefighters are tapping into a state backup fund. As a result, firefighting crews can still be deployed and water tankers flown, despite spending beyond annual firefighting budget. Daniel B. Wood
US District Judge Ronald White said the IRS lacked the authority to enact a regulation that allows the federal government to provide tax credits to qualified health care policyholders through health care exchanges.Warren Richey
A British man who tweeted threats to a member of Parliament over her support for putting Jane Austen on the 10-pound banknote will serve 18 weeks in jail. The judge said his 'campaign of hatred' caused the MP to feel deeply threatened. Michael Holtz
Michael Phelps apologized on Twitter for his arrest for driving under the influence this morning, saying he takes "full responsibility" for his actions. What could this mean for the swimming great's comeback?Anne Steele
Mayor Bill de Blasio’s executive order requires business tenants in certain city-subsidized building projects to raise their minimum wages to $13.13 for employees who don't receive benefits.Harry Bruinius
Colorado Supreme Court will rule on whether someone legally – based on state law – using marijuana in off-duty hours can still be fired by an employer with a zero-tolerance drug policy.Amanda Paulson
Following high-profile officer-related shootings in South Carolina and Missouri, critics are pushing for more transparency into how, when, and why police officers use deadly force against unarmed Americans.Patrik Jonsson


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