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Uber drivers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London took to the streets this week to protest a range of concerns, among them price-cutting by Uber and no-tipping policies they say deprive them of needed revenue.Gloria Goodale
Actor Felicia Day calls for tolerance and an end to Gamergate cyberbullying. Lisa Suhay
In Colorado and New Hampshire, women voters are moving toward the Republican. In Georgia and Iowa, they're moving toward the Democrat.Mark Trumbull
Facebook's new interactive map of Election 2014 races based on social media activity could have some predictive value. But Facebook is probably also looking for campaigns to spend ad money on the site.Francine Kiefer
Almost a decade ago, scientists from Canada and the United States reported that they had created a vaccine that was 100 percent effective in protecting monkeys against the Ebola virus.Denise Grady
A doctor in New York City who recently returned from West Africa was rushed to Bellevue Hospital on Thursday and placed in isolation while doctors await the return of tests to determine whether he has the Ebola virus.Marc Santora
The new venture, dubbed “Producers for American Crude Oil Exports,” is the first formal lobbying effort solely designed to take down the 39-year-old ban on selling most U.S. oil overseas.Jennifer A. Dlouhy | Houston Chronicle
A day after a terror attack convulsed the heart of Ottawa, the Canadian capital, police officers were quoted as saying on Thursday that the attack was the work of a lone gunman who shot a soldier dead before being killed in a hail of gunfire in the Parliament building.Alan Cowell
Hint: It's not by staring directly at the sun.Lindsay Ellis
New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio criticized the city's track record of aggressive and frequently unbalanced policing of marijuana offenses during his mayoral campaign. It appears, however, that not much has changed under his watch.Harry Bruinius


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