Responding to criticism over remarks he made Tuesday, Donald Trump, the Republican presidential candidate and real estate developer, denied on Thursday that he was mocking the appearance of a reporter for The New York Times with a physical disability.Maggie Haberman
A man draped in an American flag was taken into custody Thursday afternoon after he jumped the fence of the White House while the First Family was inside celebrating Thanksgiving.Lynh Bui, Ashley Halsey III
Miss Canada, otherwise known as Anastasia Lin, has been denied a Chinese visa to attend the monthlong Miss World pageant, presumably because of her outspoken advocacy for human rights and religious freedom in China.Andrew Jacobs
More than half of the 48 people who died after police used the weapon suffered from mental illness or had illegal drugs in their system at the time. At least 10 were Tasered while handcuffed or shackled.Cheryl W. Thompson and Mark Berman
Jay Ruderman of the Ruderman Family Foundation said Trump would benefit from a "series of sensitivity training sessions" and offered to provide them.The Associated Press
Americans paused Thursday to celebrate their blessings despite terrorism fears and racial tensions over fatal police shootings across the country..The Associated Press
The pope has made ecological concerns a hallmark of his nearly 3-year-old papacy, issuing a landmark encyclical earlier this year that paired the need to care for the environment with the need to care for humanity's most vulnerable.
Some of you will scoff at this childlike view of  refugees, which is so out of sync with the bellicose experts.Dermot Cole
Doctors soon realized they were dealing with the worst attack Paris had seen since World War II. By the time the siege ended, medical teams had attended to 302 patients, including many with life-threatening injuriesKaren Kaplan
Officials say the threat of an Islamic State operative slipping into the United States from Mexico is a real one: Last week, the FBI confirmed that five men from Pakistan and one from Afghanistan were captured near Arizona's border with Mexico, according to ABC affiliate KNXV.Peter Holley | The Washington Post
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