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President Barack Obama will propose breaching statutory spending caps in the fiscal year that begins in October, putting out a budget Monday that raises spending at Congress’ discretion by $74 billion -- or 7 percent, the White House announced Thursday.Jonathan Weisman
Jordan refused to release an imprisoned female militant on Thursday to meet a deadline set by the Islamic State, demanding that it first needed proof that a captured Jordanian pilot was still alive.Rod Nordland and Ranya Kadri
Notorious former rap music mogul Suge Knight is suspected of running two men over in his truck Thursday afternoon after an argument on a film set in Compton.Ryan Parker and Angel Jennings
The undercover police sedans arrived about noon in a bustling section of downtown Los Angeles. Eight uniformed LAPD officers got out and filed into a historic 12-story building on Spring Street. Later, an LAPD helicopter buzzed overhead as a half-dozen officers kept watch over a rear alley. Officers with a police dog searched a nearby coffee shop.Kate Mather
Three U.S. military contractors were killed in a shooting on the military side of Kabul’s international airport Thursday, military officials said.JOSEPH GOLDSTEIN
Yanis Varoufakis, Greece's new finance minister, has lobbed some rhetorical grenades, referring to his country’s foreign-imposed austerity budgets as “fiscal waterboarding” and calling Greece’s international bailout deals “a toxic mistake.” Now he seems eager to send a more moderate message.Liz Alderman
The Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department is investigating a fatal hit-and-run involving music mogul Suge Knight in Compton late Thursday afternoon.Ryan Parker
China has long had some of the world’s most onerous Internet restrictions. But until now, the authorities had effectively tolerated the proliferation of private networks as a lifeline for millions of people, from archaeologists to foreign investors, who rely heavily on less-fettered access.ANDREW JACOBS
A refueling truck exploded outside a maternity and children’s hospital in Mexico City on Thursday, killing two people, including a baby, and wounding dozens, the authorities said.Randal C. Archibold
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