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The FCC voted unanimously to end its support of the NFL's blackout rule, a decades-old provision that keeps games with poor ticket sales off network TV. Before the FCC ruling, the NFL had suggested that ending the blackout rule could hasten its move to being solely accessible on pay-TV. Schuyler Velasco
Ello is the hottest new social media site, signing up 34,000 new users an hour. It's being called the anti-Facebook and is defining itself as a place for conversation and sharing ideas.Bryan Cronan
A patient in a Dallas hospital tested positive for the Ebola virus within days of arriving home from West Africa, the Texas state health department said Tuesday.Judy Wiley
Half of the planet's wildlife populations suffered severe decline between 1970 and 2010, according to a new report from the WWF. So what does dwindling biodiversity mean for us?Noelle Swan
Islamic State militants are besieging the Syrian town of Kobane, leading tens of thousands of Kurds to flee into Turkey. Kurdish leaders accuse Turkey of supporting IS in order to curb Kurdish self-rule in Syria. Alexander Christie-Miller
Activist and legislator Martin Lee – hit by tear gas while protesting this week – speaks of his life as a leading pro-democracy intellectual who has long fought for greater freedom in his native city. He says Britain should speak up now.Peter Ford
Kansas City baseball fans are rejoicing that a meaningful game will be played in their town Tuesday night. Oakland has been down this road before.Pat Murphy
The Army is now inviting women to join Ranger School, the proving ground for its elite force. It's a 'promising development' toward equality for male and female soldiers.Anna Mulrine
The body of Arkansas real estate agent Beverly Carter was found Tuesday. Her death has shaken real estate agents nationwide. Here's what some women agents do to protect themselves when selling homes.Anne Steele
After a referee penalized the Kansas City Chiefs safety, a devout Muslim, for prostrating himself in prayer, a controversy began brewing over a religious double standard in sports. The NFL Tuesday quickly issued a statement saying the penalty was a mistake.Harry Bruinius


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