Planned Parenthood's leader vehemently denied any violation of laws involving fetal tissue, calling undercover videos recorded by a California-based group a "smear campaign" by "militant anti-abortion activists."Kurtis Lee
Police in Paris fired on a car that crashed through barricades in place for the final stage of the Tour de France early Sunday, but said they didn't suspect it was a terrorism-related incident.Austin Knoblauch
Scientists are trying to figure out how a beaked whale usually confined to deep water washed up on the shore Friday in Plymouth, Mass.Sarah Caspari
Hundreds of wildfires are continually whipping across this state this summer, leaving in their wake millions of acres of charred trees and blackened earth.Chris Mooney | The Washington Post
A woman attacked by a bison at Yellowstone National Park is the fifth person injured in an encounter with the animals this summer.Jessica Mendoza
The shooting at Lafayette's Grand Theatre on Thursday night renewed the debate on security that began three years ago when a gunman killed 12 people and wounded 70 in a movie theater in Aurora, Colorado.Daniel Miller
Around 3,000 newly U.S.-trained Iraqi troops, along with 500 trained Sunni tribal fighters, have been deployed to help in an expected government offensive to retake the Sunni stronghold of Ramadi from Islamic State militants, Pentagon officials said during a trip to Baghdad on Thursday.Helene Cooper
Exuberant Kenyans greeted President Barack Obama on Saturday like a long-lost son, but signs of the gulf between the American president and his father's homeland were on display when he confronted the Kenyan government about gay rights.Christi Parsons and Robyn Dixon
For decades before he opened fire in a Louisiana movie theater and killed two people, John Russell Houser was known as a man prone to anger, a loudmouth provocateur never afraid to share his opinion.Jay Reeves,Kate Brumback
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