Obama's proposal would represent a major change in NSA surveillance activity, scuttling most of a post-9/11 program to track communications among terrorism suspects. He could end it himself but is opting to seek Congress's approval.Peter Grier
President Barack Obama dismissed Russia as a “regional power” and said he’s more worried about a nuclear bomb going off in Manhattan, even as he threatened more sweeping sanctions against the country should it expand its reach in Ukraine beyond Crimea.Lesley Clark
Pono, the digital player championed by Neil Young, attempts to bring some of the music back to listeners that's missing from MP3s, which compress songs so radically that engineers estimate we're only getting around 5 percent of the intended sound.John Kehe
President Barack Obama today meets with a close ally to Russia as he closes out a nuclear security summit in the Netherlands that has been dominated by Russia’s intervention in Ukraine.Lesley Clark
Google honored civil rights advocate and unsung hero Dorothy Irene Height with a Google Doodle Monday, but she is far from the only civil rights leader omitted from the pages of most history books. Here's a look at some game-changing, but largely unheralded, civil rights activists.Karis Hustad
Despite lower home prices and the conversion of properties to rentals, the typical US family looking to rent has to pay more than 30 percent of its income for a typical apartment, a survey says.Mark Trumbull
Today's ruling follows the first mass trial of Muslim Brotherhood supporters. The defendants were convicted of attacking a police station in what was a three day trial.Louisa Loveluck
According to a report published by World Meteorological Organization (WMO), 2013 was the sixth warmest on record. But NASA and NOAA differ in their rankings.Sudeshna Chowdhury
'God's Not Dead' plays to Christians who feel their faith is caricatured or mocked by Hollywood. It finished fifth at the box office this weekend amid sharply mixed reviews.Harry Bruinius
President Obama has turned away from Europe during his presidency, but if he is going to have any success in isolating Russia, he'll need to work hard to reestablish European ties.Howard LaFranchi
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