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Whether taxes will fall and salaries will rise in a Russia-allied Crimea is not at all certain.Sabra Ayres
The move came one day after Crimea voted to secede from Ukraine and rejoin Russia. The sanctions list approved by President Obama includes Russian government officials deemed crucial to Crimea policy.Peter Grier
Guinness, Heineken, and Boston Beer Co. (maker of Sam Adams) all pulled their sponsorship from St. Patrick's Day parades due to anti-LGBT parade policies. Generational shifts and the group's growing purchasing power are pushing corporations to be more inclusive. Karis Hustad
WhatsApp, which was recently acquired by Facebook, says its 'fundamental values and beliefs' will not be altered. Matthew Shaer
Nearly 40 years ago, Congress formed a special committee to investigate the U.S. intelligence community in connection with a series of domestic spying scandals.Jonathan S. Landay
Westboro Baptist Church, which pickets military funerals to preach against homosexuality, has excommunicated ailing founder Fred Phelps, according to reports.Mark Guarino
The talk on the streets of the Ukrainian capital Monday was all about Sunday’s referendum in Crimea, which saw a close to unanimous vote in favor of the Black Sea peninsula seceding from Ukraine and becoming part of Russia.Matthew Schofield
The collapse of a rebel bastion inside Syria showed its effects inside Lebanon on Monday as rival communities rocketed one another, snipers opened fire along a critical highway near the Syrian border and at least two car bombs targeted Shiite Muslim villages in the Bekaa Valley.Mitchell Prothero
Before slapping Russia with the most serious sanctions since the Cold War era, the Obama administration calculated that such a breach in bilateral relations wouldn’t affect joint U.S.-Russian efforts on other urgent diplomatic initiatives, especially with Syria and Iran.Hannah Allam
An academic boycott of Israeli educational institutions has sparked legislation in at least five states and in Congress that would punish colleges and universities if they support the organization that called for it.Renee Schoof
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