David Lightman
Analysis: As the Obama administration flubs peace talks, the risk is rising of proxy war between South Asia’s two nuclear rivalsJason Overdorf
The U.S. economy is gaining momentum and is poised for a stronger recovery later this year, according to new data Wednesday from the Commerce Department. The numbers also showed that 2012 was stronger than had been estimated.Kevin G. Hall
In the past couple of weeks, the issue of gay rights in Russia has gone global, with a surprisingly effective Buzzfeed listicle, a New York Times editorial, and now Dan Savage of the Stranger taking on the problem.Adam Taylor, Business Insider
Bradley Manning’s acquittal on charges of aiding the enemy has encouraged his supporters, but the case casts a long shadow over the Obama administration.Jean MacKenzie
The new study suggests that human urine could be used as a source of cells that could be used to grow tiny tooth-like structures known as "tooth buds."Sarah Wolfe
The McClatchy Co. asked the Obama administration on Tuesday to explain news reports in New Zealand that U.S. intelligence agencies had helped that country’s military track cellular telephone calls made by a New Zealand journalist while he was working for McClatchy in Afghanistan.Jonathan S. Landay
WASHINGTON Heralding what he called a “new moment of possibility” toward Middle East peace, Secretary of State John Kerry on Tuesday announced an ambitious schedule for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, saying he hopes negotiators for the two sides will have agreed to a framework for a settlement in nine months.Hannah Allam,Lesley Clark
This summer’s devastating “Himalayan tsunami” is a grim omen for the future of the millions of people living downstream from the majestic mountain range.Jason Overdorf
The Department of Education notified Georgia on Tuesday that it plans to withdraw $9.9 million of the state’s $400 million Race to the Top education grant because the state has reneged on an agreement to base teacher and principal pay on performance evaluations.Renee Schoof
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