Neil Macfarquhar,Andrew Roth
President Obama says Russia is a mere 'regional power' acting out of 'weakness' in Ukraine. But a new poll shows half of all Americans believe the US and Russia are headed back to Cold War.Brad Knickerbocker
Police in Albuquerque killed a homeless man in a shooting critics say was unjustified. The US Justice Department is investigating as police departments rethink armed response policies.Patrik Jonsson
Rennie Gibbs, a 16-year-old in Mississippi when she gave birth to a stillborn child, is facing life in prison for taking cocaine during her pregnancy. Hers is among a burgeoning number of cases in which women are prosecuted for allegedly endangering their unborn children.Nina Martin | ProPublica
A week after a massive landslide in Washington State, the search for victims is frustratingly slow. Half the community of 180 people remain unaccounted for, and some may never be found.Brad Knickerbocker
Taliban insurgents hit the election commission's compound in Kabul today, their fourth high-profile attack in 10 days. Afghans go to the polls April 5 to choose a new president.Scott Peterson
Lawyers for Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, the surviving suspect in the Boston Marathon bombings, say contact with the FBI may have been a 'precipitating event' to the bombings last April.Patrik Jonsson
The US Navy is deploying advanced deep-sea search technology, including anti-submarine aircraft, floating black box locators, and a robot submarine, to look for the missing Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370.Noelle Swan
The 2014 NCAA tournament now moves into its 'Elite Eight' portion, beginning Saturday evening. Two teams will have reached the national semifinals in North Texas by the end of the night.Pat Murphy
Dutch researchers are trying to reconstruct a social-media platform from 1994, raising questions over how to preserve humanity's digital heritage.Peter Teffer
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