Eighty percent of community college students say they want to go on to four-year schools. But only 15 percent earn bachelor's degrees within six years. Model programs are tackling this transfer gap. Stacy Teicher Khadaroo
President Martinelli is constitutionally banned from running again. But analysts say his party's ticket - made up of his wife and a handpicked successor - is 'essentially a Martinelli government.'Lomi Kriel
Republicans in Congress have stymied much of President Obama's agenda. So he's declared a "Year of Action" with a string of presidential executive orders he hopes will help his poll numbers.Brad Knickerbocker
Former Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice had been invited to be a commencement speaker at Rutgers University. But faculty and student Iraq War protesters forced her to decline.Patrik Jonsson
The White House has urged gun companies to invent safety technology that could limit a gun’s use to its owner. But two gun shops decided not to sell such guns after receiving death threats.Patrik Jonsson
Based on extensive interviews and certain indicators, Gallup ranks states on a 'Well-Being Index.' Top scorers are in the West and Midwest. Lowest rankings are found in the South.Brad Knickerbocker
Kentucky Derby 2014 breaks from the starting gate early Saturday evening at Churchill Downs in Louisville. The race will be televised on NBC.Pat Murphy
Clément Léon acts as a go-between for local residents and the city's evening businesses, which employ some 600,000 people.Colette Davidson
In the hot, dark plumes rising from hydrothermal vents on the ocean floor, scientists have found viruses pillaging sulfur from bacteria, by forcing them to read foreign DNA.Fabien Tepper
A new modeling study of the interior of the Jupiter moon Ganymede reveals four layers of ice and oceans, starting with a water layer – not ice – at the seafloor.Pete Spotts
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