The president of Uruguay met with President Barack Obama in the White House on Monday, a meeting that centered on the nations’ mutual desires to boost trade and other aspects of their relationship.Chris Adams
Horse racing may be thought of as the sport of kings, but the National Thoroughbred Racing Association says breeders and stable owners need a tax break just like everybody else.Maria Recio
A U.S. team that includes FBI officials with hostage negotiation skills is in Nigeria to help with the search for the nearly 300 abducted schoolgirls, the White House said Monday.Lesley Clark
Bestselling biographer Michael Korda examines the life of legendary general Robert E. Lee who, despite being the subject of many books, remains an enigma.David Holahan
There’s an old saying in the American West: “Water flows uphill toward money.” The same holds true in China, where engineers are building a 1,500-mile network of canals and tunnels to divert water from the rain-abundant south to Beijing and other wealthy northern cities.Stuart Leavenworth
Iraqi Kurdistan is demanding control of its oil, and officials say they're willing to risk losing their share of the federal budget to get that. Problem is they can't afford it.Cathy Otten
Brazil’s Congress is debating whether to extend tax breaks for industries in Manaus, in Amazonas state. Scores of multinationals have opened factories there.Stephen Kurczy
Japan's postwar Constitution renounced war as a right. An advisory group to Prime Minister Abe will suggest amendments Tuesday to enable Japan to militarily defend its interests and those of allies.Justin McCurry
Google honored chemist Dorothy Hodgkin with a doodle on the 104th anniversary of her birth.Chris Gaylord
The uptick in extremist vandalism of non-Jewish property comes ahead of the pope's high-profile visit to Israel, shining an uncomfortable spotlight on a growing problem.Christa Case Bryant
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