Six months after what played as a sophisticated attack by high-caliber terror squads, it seems that only four gunmen with ordinary weapons were involved.Mike Pflanz
Amid growing concern about inequities in school discipline, data show that black children – 18 percent of total preschool enrollment in 2011-2012 – made up 48 percent of those suspended more than once.Stacy Teicher Khadaroo
In the wake of Crimea's annexation, Estonia is shoring up its ties with NATO and the United States.Michael Amundsen
People can pray. Corporations cannot.Michael Doyle
Sixteen-year-old Jose Antonio Elena got the kind of punishment that those who toss rocks at Border Patrol agents receive with startling frequency: He was shot with a .40-caliber round from an agent’s service weapon.Tim Johnson
Today's agreement between Brussels and Kiev is a version of the one Yanukovych originally rejected four months ago, precipitating the crisis with Russia.Sara Miller Llana
Ukraine's prime minister said this week that Kiev might be amenable to giving more authority to the regions as part of a bid to head off separatist sentiment.Sabra Ayres
Gyllenhaal plays both a history professor and his doppelgänger, and director Denis Villeneuve piles on the weirdness.Peter Rainer
Thursday, the NCAA men's basketball tournament had several upsets and near upsets that made for a nail-biting first day of action. Second-round action continues Friday on CBS, TNT, TBS and truTV.Christopher Hartman
'On My Way' centers on Bettie (Catherine Deneuve), a widow who leaves the house to get cigarettes and keeps finding reasons not to return.Peter Rainer
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