American Idol recap: On Thursday night, Season 13 took another important step in its search for America's new Idol. But to do that one had to go, who did America peg as this season's third wheel?Jodi Bradbury
What if today’s real-time social media existed during a key moment in American history?William Douglas
Jeb Stuart Magruder, an aide to President Richard Nixon who went to prison for his role in covering up the 1972 Watergate break-in and later served as a pastor in Lexington, died in Danbury, Conn., on Sunday due to complications from a stroke. He was 79.Jack Brammer
Narenda Modi's victorious BJP took a bellicose stand on Pakistan during the campaign, but a deep partnership that lies beneath the tensions makes conflict unlikely.Umar Farooq
Swiss voters will decide on Sunday whether to set the world's highest minimum wage – which many argue is necessary in the world's most expensive country.Meritxell Mir
People don’t particularly like either political party, but they like Democrats at little more.David Lightman
The conservative pitch for an immigration overhaul received a lift this week when a Tea Party leader pledged his support for bringing a vote to the House floor this year.Franco Ordoñez
Narendra Modi's BJP was the first party to win outright in 30 years. It was a stunning triumph for Modi, who ran a presidential-style election campaign promising development and economic growth.Peter Ford
Kentucky residents say Obamacare needs fixing, but they also find things to like about the state's exchange, kynect. That means the health care law may not be the spear tip that GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell, up for reelection, had hoped.Francine Kiefer
Standing across the counter of Knox Pawn Shop from Yoakum, Louisville businessman Matt Bevin, who is challenging Mitch McConnell in Tuesday's Republican primary, made his pitch, telling Yoakum that he is a Christian, an Army veteran and a father of nine. "I've never run for political office," Bevin said. "I never wanted to be a politician."
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