The House of Representatives on Friday passed a Republican-backed revision of the No Child Left Behind Act that would greatly reduce federal oversight of public education and give states and school districts authority once again over how to measure student achievement and fix failing schools.Renee Schoof
As a comprehensive immigration overhaul appears stuck, for the moment, in the House of Representatives, an influential coalition is betting that members of Congress from California can break the logjam.Curtis Tate
Courts cannot second-guess drone strikes that kill U.S. citizens overseas, an Obama administration lawyer argued Friday.Michael Doyle
Some of America’s closest Middle East allies, viewing U.S. policy as adrift, are competing for influence in the region’s trouble spots, producing discord that might get in the way of stable outcomes and take decades to put right, experts in the region say. Analysts blame the Obama administration, which they say still doesn’t have a strategy to deal with the aftershocks of the 2011 Arab Spring – in particular the war in Syria and Egypt’s latest political upheaval.Roy Gutman
After surviving years of drought and watching the size of the U.S. cattle herd fall to its lowest level in more than 60 years, Texas cattleman Bob McCan would just as soon steer clear of the U.S. government’s latest meat-labeling rules.Rob Hotakainen
President Obama called on the nation to engage in "soul searching" as he made his first public remarks on the acquittal of volunteer neighborhood watchman George Zimmerman in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.Lesley Clark
The Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group, is urging senators to oppose Rep. Mel Watt’s nomination to director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency.Kevin Thibodeaux
The International Olympic Committee has responded to calls for a global boycott of the 2014 Winter Olympic Games in Sochi, Russia, following the passing of a new draconian anti-gay law.Rebecca Lee Sanchez
A new Pew Center poll asked 37,653 people from 39 different countries their opinions on a variety of topics concerning the United States and China. The survey found the world views the United States more favorably than China, but believes China has or will soon become the world's leading power.James Miller
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