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Three members of Expedition 38 crew have touched down safely in Kazakhstan, after experiencing five and a half months of microgravity.Sudeshna Chowdhury
Former president Viktor Yanukovych spoke from exile in Russia about the perils facing Ukrainians living under a 'bandit regime', echoing Moscow's narrative but adding little to the debate.Fred Weir
Udall Statement on CIA's Unprecedented Obstruction, Misrepresentations About Misguided Detention, Interrogation Program
Days away from a referendum on annexation, Russian President Vladimir Putin's government shows no sign of ending its military occupation of Crimea.By Hannah Allam
Events in the country of Latvia such as the World Choir Games and the symbolic passing of books from hand to hand aim to revive the cultural history of the country.Isabelle de Pommereau
'Kiev' still makes sense as the way to refer to the troubled capital, but that may change.Ruth Walker
Daniel Gordis examines the life of 'the most Jewish of Israel's prime ministers,' a man Gordis says has been profoundly misunderstood.James Norton
Chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda says her witnesses against Kenya's president have been bribed or intimidated. She's now seeking access to his bank accounts.Mike Pflanz
Three years after the tsunami that triggered nuclear meltdown and damaged much of Japan's northeast, there are still 270,000 displaced people and recovery is slow. Home construction shows progress.Justin McCurry
Feinstein Statement on Intelligence Committee’s CIA Detention, Interrogation Report
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