Kentucky Derby 2014 will take place this Saturday in Louisville, Kentucky. It will be the 140th 'Run for the Roses.'Pat Murphy
Obamacare glitches these days are not as widespread as they were during the rollout. But some hiccups are causing problems in some areas.Mark Trumbull
A recent poll found that most people in eastern Ukraine oppose the seizure of government buildings, but half of respondents think President Turchynov is 'illegally occupying his post.'Fred Weir
Police in India-controlled Kashmir arrested over 600 people ahead of tomorrow's vote for the Indian national election, in response to larger than expected youth protests last week.Zahid Rafiq
The seizure of German military observers in eastern Ukraine has put a human face on a crisis that could force Germany into a tougher tone with Russia. Sara Miller Llana, Rachel Stern
Emergency response, both public and private, is robust in tornado-stricken parts of the US. But the need to keep wary watch for more twisters and severe storms is complicating rescuers' efforts.Patrik Jonsson
Katarina Butko smiled Monday evening as she looked at what she’d organized: a line of 15 cars decorated with the yellow and blue flag of Ukraine. They were seconds away from leaving on a motoring campaign around town, “to wake the sleeping pro-Ukrainian people.”Matthew Schofield
Young people may not be flocking to the polls this year.David Lightman
Warrantless smartphone searches worried Supreme Court justices Tuesday, with several challenging law enforcement intrusions on privacy.Michael Doyle
While private-sector cybersecurity flaws, such as the recent Microsoft Internet Explorer hack, dominate headlines, college-level cybersecurity competitions have become a major training and recruiting ground to supply the growing cybersecurity need.Karis Hustad
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