The Senate on Monday agreed to extend the federal unemployment insurance program to about 2.8 million people nationwide who have lost jobs, exhausted their state benefits and still have not found new work.Renee Schoof,David Lightman
Supporters of medical uses for marijuana say Congress needs to get involved to resolve a growing conflict between state and federal laws.Rob Hotakainen
With Colombia’s guerrilla wars dying down and peace talks appearing to advance, the United States could best help the South American nation by bolstering aid for its judicial system, Ambassador Luis Carlos Villegas said Monday.Kevin G. Hall
Saturday night, the Huskies and Wildcats both overcame adversity to advance to the NCAA men's basketball tournament championship. Monday night's contest will be televised on CBS.Christopher Hartman
It’s Kentucky Derby-Pie versus Connecticut brownies and ice cream Monday night.David Lightman
Prime Minister Viktor Orbán won a second term Sunday. He brushed aside international criticism of tilting the playing field rightward against opposition parties.Valentina Jovanovski
Pro-Russian demonstrators seized several buildings in Donetsk, Luhansk, and Kharkiv over the weekend and called for Crimean-style referendums on eastern Ukraine's future.Fred Weir
The rejected appeal to the Supreme Court involved a Louisiana inmate. Some states have developed alternative lethal injection protocols amid difficulties in obtaining the drug pentobarbital.Warren Richey
President Barack Obama will announce a pair of moves Tuesday that the White House says will help ensure that women are paid the same salary as men for doing the same job.Lesley Clark
An activist Jesuit priest who spent three years living alongside besieged civilians and rebels in the Syrian city of Homs was assassinated Monday, according to the Vatican, which said he was abducted by unidentified gunmen who beat him before executing him in front of his monastery.Mitchell Prothero
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