The first comprehensive travel guide to North Korea's tourist sites launches today. Tourists can only visit the reclusive country on group tours. Some question the ethics of such visits.Steven Borowiec, and Monitor staff
With elections today, Bekkersdal is a no-go zone for politicians from the African National Congress. Residents say they are not part of the 'good story' the ANC claims for the nation. Aislinn Laing
House Democratic leaders aren't pleased with Republicans' plan to create a special committee with seven Republicans and five Democrats to investigate the Benghazi attacks.David Lightman
The US is sending a team, including military personnel, to Nigeria to help coordinate the response to the kidnappings of almost 250 school-age girls. Some in Washington urge a deeper US military footprint.Anna Mulrine
Brunei's move to adopt a sharia-compliant penal code set off protests at the Beverly Hills Hotel and Hotel Bel-Air. But Hollywood protests may serve only to shore up the sultan's credibility at home, analysts say.Gloria Goodale
The Vatican’s representative to a United Nations panel probing the Roman Catholic Church’s handling of child sexual abuse on Tuesday equated abortion to torture and said the U.N. panel’s focus on the church’s teachings on the subject was inappropriate.John Zarocostas
The US Supreme Court ruling that the Constitution allows for public prayer at town meetings is opening a wider cultural skirmish over what qualifies as an appropriate public invocation.Harry Bruinius
A not-so-cryptic invitation from Microsoft for an upcoming press event may confirm the release of a 'Surface Mini,' a smaller, updated, note-taking version of its Surface tablet.Karis Hustad
Angry Birds maker Rovio Entertainment is trying to get kids hooked on learning with a new early childhood program, called Angry Birds Playground, based on its home country's groundbreaking education system.Karis Hustad
Furthering the debate over the state of US higher education, a Gallup survey of college graduates found that it's what you do at school, not where you go, that matters for your future well-being.Mark Trumbull
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