Ted Stevens (1923-2010)

A new report about the mishandled prosecution of the late Sen. Ted Stevens contains even more explosive information about former Alaska oilman Bill Allen: His alleged plot to murder his nephew.Amanda Coyne
"To deny the public access to [Stevens report] ... would be an affront to the First Amendment and a blow to the fair administration of justice" -- U.S. District Judge Emmet SullivanAmanda Coyne
What will happen to the federal attorneys involved in the prosecutorial misconduct in Ted Stevens' 2008 trial? And will the system ever be reformed?Amanda Coyne
"We all remember the emotion and tragedy we experienced a year ago," Sen. Lisa Murkowski said on the anniversary of Ted Stevens' death. "But it's crucial we remember the outpouring of support and respect ... The last thing he did was bring all of Alaska together."Craig Medred
A pilot's temporary incapacitation for reasons unknown likely caused the August plane crash that killed five people, including Ted Stevens, the National Transportation Safety Board says.Jill Burke

Former U.S. Senator Ted Stevens and four other people were killed in a plane crash near Aleknagik, Alaska.

Alaska Dispatch staff
Terry Smith was a well-known Alaska pilot, but federal investigators are examining whether his medical history played a role in the crash.Jill Burke,Craig Medred
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