Scott Woodham

The Concerned: After Alaska Senators finish looking into possible gas gouging in the state (again), they should turn their attention to other possible exploiters.Scott Woodham
Furie, formerly known as Escopeta Oil Co., was fined $15 million over Jones Act violations when shipping to Alaska a jack-up rig to drill for oil and gas in Cook Inlet. Since the state enticed the company with millions of dollars, shouldn't it also help cover the fine?Scott Woodham
Now that it's known the U.S. Justice Department botched its case against the late Sen. Ted Stevens, should Alaska sue the Feds for damages -- all that federal money Uncle Ted might have brought home had he not lost his re-election due to prosecutorial misconduct?Scott Woodham
Even as Joe Miller denies his role in Alaska's Republican regime change, he's spending tens of thousands to back up leftover denials from his failed Senate campaign. Where does it end?Scott Woodham
Dropping to No. 2 as a trade partner might not be such a bad thing for Japan. Contrary to popular opinion, Alaska can be a little cautious, coy even, when it comes to selling natural gas. Scott Woodham
The Concerned worry that Pebble Fund grant money isn't making it to the people who need it most: opponents of the proposed mine.Scott Woodham
Imagine massive, carnivorous, scavenging birds hanging around, as numerous as pigeons on the National Mall. The Concerned worry Unalaska will be bankrupt if it has to keep paying exorbitant permit fees to address its eagle problem.Scott Woodham
Westchester Lagoon was Alaska's busiest disc golf course before the municipality closed it last week, but not because it was any awesome place to play. It was popular for lack of better alternatives, and city officials should have known they were headed for trouble.Scott Woodham
A blog of the Navy Times has deep-sixed a proposal to recycle the soon-to-retire aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as a bridge to Gravina Island.
The Concerned are worried that naming such a small piece of blacktop after Walter J. Hickel will anger the "little guy" who was never angry while he lived.Scott Woodham
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