Scott Woodham

A blog of the Navy Times has deep-sixed a proposal to recycle the soon-to-retire aircraft carrier USS Enterprise as a bridge to Gravina Island.
The Concerned are worried that naming such a small piece of blacktop after Walter J. Hickel will anger the "little guy" who was never angry while he lived.Scott Woodham
The Concerned are concerned that Japan's thirst for natural gas won't be able to be sated due to Alaska's political intransigence. Scott Woodham
The Concerned are already measuring for new drapes in Don Young's congressional office.Scott Woodham
We The Concerned want to cut out the middlemen and divine Alaska's petroleum industry future straight from the oracle. That's you, Pedro van Meurs.Scott Woodham
Samantha Koenig has joined a large number of Alaskans who remain missing, and we haven't forgotten them.Scott Woodham
If One Anchorage passes, there won't suddenly be a flood of gay people applying for ministerial positions at an unfriendly religious group or church.
After the Renda and Healy's mission started winding down, we learned that the Nome emergency wasn't as imminent as some may have been led to believe. But it still broke new trail.Scott Woodham
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