A collection of professional videos and home movies of the 1964 Alaska earthquake.
Thursday is the 50th anniversary of the devastating 1964 Alaska earthquake, and a number of events are planned throughout Southcentral Alaska to mark the occasion.Mike Dunham
Graphic: The 1964 Good Friday earthquake occurred along the fault where the Pacific Plate slides under the North American plate. The Aleutian Trench is formed where these two plates meet and runs along the southern coastline of Alaska and the Aleutian Islands.
Every now and then, the ground rocks for a second or two, rattling windows and spooking the island people of Chenega Bay. Carol Ann Wilson grabs her three young kids and herds them up the spruce covered hill behind the village. Most of the other 60 or so villagers head for higher ground, too.David Hulen
In Rogers Park and College Gate, out in Muldoon and downtown below the bluff, in Mountain View and Turnagain people got up that morning and thought it was just another day.Sheila Toomey
In the 25 years since disaster came to town, politics and profit have overcome science and common sense at almost every turn. Ignoring the vivid example of 1964 and warnings from scientists both before and after the earthquake, Anchorage's business and political leaders decided to rebuild the city on the ground most likely to fail in the next big earthquake.Don Hunter
The herring of Prince William Sound still have not recovered. Neither have killer whales, and legal issues remain unresolved a quarter of a century later. Monday is the 25th anniversary of the grounding of the tanker Exxon Valdez.Sean Cockerham
The sale of the Whale House legacy: Part 1 of the Whale House Series:Marilee Enge
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